'Cooks on Retreat'Cookbook Reveiws

Hi Abbey.

Love the book- well done to you both!!!

The character pictures on the front cover are such a great representation of you and Yong!!! I had a giggle when I saw that!!

I like how you have both written a piece about yourselves, your story and your love for cooking.

The recipes seem easy to follow (for someone who is not a confident cook) and the pictures of the meals look great.

I am planning to cook the sausage rolls next weekend as my first recipe. Then plan on doing one of the rice porridges for breakfast.

Thanks so much. Xox


Love the book


It arrived Ab. It looks really great. Well done. You guys must be so happy

It's very professional. I like your stories that's a nice touch. The recipes are set out very simple and easy to follow


Hi Yong

Pam - Sunday night yogi would like a copy of your cookbook also (if you have enough book miles).

I’m loving it and my teenagers too the veg biriyani, sausage rolls and tonight lentil Dahl and beetroot curry for dinner.

Making the most of the holidays to try new things.


Yong and Abi, I loved the book.

The story and creation of this book, the substance and recipes are truly inspiring.

Regards Sandra

Hi Abbey,

I have been told the first 2 things I must make are

Sausage Rolls and Vegetarian Biriyani

Mind you I love the sound of the polenta lemon cake. Everything looks and sounds amazing.

I hope you are enjoying the successes of the book.



Hi Abby, mum gave me your lovey cookbook as a gift. Today I made the pumpkin tamarind! It was so delicious and was very easy to follow! Just wanted to send you this message to say thanks! I am definitely going to make this one again and try some other recipes!

Best Wishes


Hi Yong Kooi, today I got the *Cooks on Retreat* book from Lih Yein, it's really great, the recipes, the photos. Sadhu to you and your Mrs, very talented

Hi Abbey,

Really enjoying the cookbook! You have done a marvellous job putting it all together, and for a wonderful cause. I have tried several recipes so far, and look forward to lots more inspiration. It's going over very well with my family of six too, as most of us are vegetarian.

Thank you.

Best regards,


A treat to the senses

Yong’s and Abigail’s book ‘Cooks on Retreat’ has everything to make your taste buds tremble; from delicious breakfast and lunch to dessert recipes. All of them vegan and/or vegetarian and with an impeccable and attractive presentation and captivating photographs taken when they were ready to eat. Actually, the real thing! Important characteristics of these recipes are the ingredients are easily available in Melbourne and the methods are easy to follow by an amateur cook.

I have tried several dishes cooked by Abigail and Yong. Some of them at special Grasshopper Yoga Studio activities and other at their great yoga retreats held at Milgrove. They cannot be compared to anything I have eaten even in exclusive restaurants.

If you attend any of these activities, you will have the chance to try them first hand. You will be delighted by the delicacies Abigail or Yong prepares with professionalism and passion, which are the best ingredients for delicious dishes. Important to mention they always uses first class ingredients for their cooking.

Congratulations Abigail and Yong for this successful initiative to help fund-raise and build facilities at Newbury Buddhist Monastery in Newbury, Melbourne.

Liliana Diaz-Tornros