Welcome to Grant Band! 

Our mission is to give the most students possible, the best musical experience possible. 

  • To teach and learn about music, and recognize it as one of the most basic of human activities and to improve our understanding of all types of music to the highest level possible;
  • To learn to appreciate the most meaningful and profound music as means of both building character and connecting with the best part of the human spirit; 
  • To learn to perform for our own pleasure and the pleasure of our audience; 
  • To make good music of all styles a part of our lives; 
  • To teach and learn responsibility, integrity, dependability, and loyalty; to teach and learn good teamwork, 
  • To be both a good leader and a loyal and effective follower; 
  • To enjoy doing it all realizing that accomplishment is the greatest joy. 
The Grant Band also exists to serve the school and community. We are called on throughout the year to represent Grant High School and the Portland community at many different events. These events are as diverse as parties for business, athletic events and parades. This service is important to our school and community. It also gives us a chance to show ourselves to audiences that wouldn’t otherwise get the chance to see us perform.


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