Post date: Mar 29, 2014 11:0:19 AM

We confess to a lengthy period of silence here. This is partly due to a pre-occupation with pulling together 2 publications, one a thematic section of the anthropology journal FOCAAL on Prison Climates in the Global South and the other a special issue of the PRISON SERVICE JOURNAL called Everyday Prison Governance in Africa. We're really pleased to be able to present these final products and hope they will serve to put field-based studies of sites of confinement in the south even more firmly on academic agendas. Credit due all the contributors!

PSJ is available in its entirety via this link http://www.crimeandjustice.org.uk/sites/crimeandjustice.org.uk/files/PSJ%20212%20March%202014.pdf

FOCAAL abstracts are here: http://berghahn.publisher.ingentaconnect.com/content/berghahn/focaal/2014/00002014/00000068