Stanley W. McFarland

Poet, storyteller, and humorist, Stanley W. McFarland, presents half a lifetime's worth of experiences as a Protestant. In clean, easy-to-read free verse, McFarland's poems amuse, inspire, and provoke thought.Having contacted a wide range of religious communities and organizations, McFarland brings the reader along on his personal exploration of North American Protestantism. From his recollections of his simple childhood thoughts, through doubting adolescence, a gung-ho early adulthood, crisis, and uneasy resolution, there is both the familiar and surprising.

Confessions of a Protestant relates a journey of question and faith that will bring smiles and challenge the heart and mind.

Read excerpts from Confessions of a Protestant at these links:

Old Church

Book of Job (a doubting poem)

Read Stanley W. McFarland's Letter to a College Athlete.

Recently, there's been a lot of turmoil in the collegiate sports community. Lost in the debate is the basic question: are we infringing on the civil rights of these largely poor, largely minority athletes? This is an editorial I wrote on the subject.

COMING SOON: Sons of Simeon: Into the Wilderness

Lost in the blood and genealogies of the Old Testament is the mystery of the tribe of Simeon. Among the largest tribes of Israel, Simeon dwindles and apparently dies. But nothing, or at least little is said in the Bible about how and why Simeon meets this fate. Sons of Simeon: Into the Wilderness explores this mystery.

Ram and Uri are princes of the tribe of Simeon. As their father follows Moses and Aaron into the wilderness, the young brothers struggle to understand their place in their tribe, among the people of Israel, and before their God. Blood and fighting mix with honor and worship in their uneasy discipleship to the Lord of Hosts.

Sons of Simeon: Into the Wilderness will be available for download soon.

McFarland was raised in Acton, Massachusetts, and has written dozens of short dramas, primarily aimed at church audiences. He has also written the librettos to three produced musicals, Acton 1775, Light, and Joe and Mary’s Rock ‘N Roll Jellyroll Christmas Story. In 2008, a collection of McFarland’s poetry, Confessions of a Protestant, was published by Marriwell Publishing. He is currently at work on a novel.

Confessions of a Protestant is available in paperback or for Kindle.