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The Bethlehem Writers Group, LLC (BWG), founded in 2006, is a community of mutually-supportive, fiction and nonfiction authors based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, known as “Christmas City, USA.” The members are as different from each other as their stories, spanning a range of genres including: children’s, young adult, paranormal, humor, inspirational, mystery, science fiction, fantasy, women's lit, romance, literary fiction, and memoir. All three Go Figure Reads authors have stories in their anthology, A Christmas Sampler: Sweet, Funny, and Strange Holiday Tales. The book is available from Amazon,,, and from your local bookstore.

Winston-Salem Writers is a group of writers who create fiction, nonfiction, plays and poetry, and who care about the art and craft of writing. WSW sponsors programs, workshops, critique groups, open mic nights, newsletters, and contests. It is a nonprofit group, and a member of the Arts Council of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County. WSW was founded in 2005 and now has over 100 members, mostly, but not all, living in the Triad area of North Carolina.

Emily P. W. Murphy is an author and member of the Bethlehem Writers Group. Visit her website and blog.

Carol L. Wright is an author and member of the Bethlehem Writers Group. Visit her website.