Headley Hauser

A Message from Headley Hauser:

All right, I wrote stuff - stuff you should buy, but these folks at Go Figure have really been dragging their heels. Well, I did write this . . . thing for the Bethlehem Writer's Group. You should buy a lot of those, 'cause I only get a little bit of each royalty. Anyway, those of you who've seen Headley and the Rug (and Cral) know the peerlessly undistinguished monologues I did on the show. Well, buy Headley Makes Cents anyway. Those of you who didn't see the show - you've got no excuse. I'll have an excerpt up here as soon as Go Figure clears it with Homeland Security.

You interested in a heroic cockroach? Who isn't? You'll find him (her? how can you tell?) along with a pantsless vampire and a murderous songbird in Headley Twists Some Tales.

Headley's latest books are:


VolitionMan: Willful Protector of Pollyville and Surrounding Towns (Genre Series Book 2)

"Hey! Go Figure Reads published another book of mine! It's about a vacuum cleaner salesman superhero named Volition Man. What? Trouble in Taos was about a latrine digging gun fighter. I like versatile main characters!

Please buy my book so Go Figure Reads will publish my next Genre book - Dirk Destroyer's Less Destructive Brother.

Trouble in Taos: Or the Lowdown, Dirtiest, Boring Gunfighter (The Genre Series Book 1)

Finally, after an expensive legal struggle, Go Figure has released the intrepid story of Slimy Beach, latrine digger and gun fighter in Trouble in Taos (with a bunch more words in the title I don't remember). Here's an excerpt, but I still need you to buy the book.

Remember, if you think my books are too cheap, all you have to do is buy 3 or 4 copies to make up for it. I can use the money.

Yeah, Go Figure thinks that if they make me post a blog twice a week, I'll forget about the books they haven't posted yet. Look for new posts on Mondays and Thursdays.

Headley Hauser, the star, head writer, and director of the critically unclaimed local cable television series, Headley and the Rug, is still looking to get paid. Though the Whistleview Penny Supplement offered to print his series of essays, including The Cookie Story, Morom, John Phillip Souza, and Look Out for the Swiss, he didn't see that as a path to great wealth and eventual world domination, so he turned it down.

Headley's Modern Single Holiday appears in the Bethlehem Writers Group's award-winning anthology, A Christmas Sampler: Sweet, Funny, and Strange Holiday Tales, available in hardcover, paperback, or for Kindle.