Aliens, Reptilians & the Anunnaki

The Aliens, Reptilians and Anunnaki are here again to explain what they had done 2500 years ago. The articles by Pari, written through their guidance and God's guidance, relates what they had done about 2500 years ago. There is a connection between the Aliens, Reptilians and the Anunnaki. You will understand this connection when you read the articles by Pari. Not all the articles can be found in this website. The names and links for all articles by Pari can be found at:

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or at Brahma Kumari's Articles - Site Map for Articles

The readers have to start reading from the first article (which I have written) so as to understand what I have written in subsequent articles. Each article is a continuation of the earlier articles; even if the later articles are about something else. In subsequent articles, I do not explain what I have explained in earlier articles. This allows me to keep expanding on my discussions.

The Aliens seem to be taking the place of God and angels. Understand why this is happening through reading the articles that have been written on it by Pari (based on guidance from God and by Aliens / mapmakers / Reptilians / past births / Anunnaki.

One can also get the links, to Pari's articles, through the words in the
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Pari has written articles which cover a wide range of topics. They relate history because they explain what happened about 2500 years ago. They are also about the Confluence Aged spiritual knowledge.

Pari's articles were written based on :

1. what Pari received through her link to God,

2. what Pari had seen through visions and experiences,

3. research and ancient evidences left behind,

4. explanations got through Pari's past births (who were involved with the creation of the ancient legends, scriptures etc).

5. The Confluence Aged spiritual knowledge given in the Brahma Kumaris and in other Confluence Aged organisations.

Pari's articles are also found at:
2. Aliens & Reptilians

If you wish to contemplate on a spiritual thought during each day, the links for TFT 1 to TFT 30 ( 30 ‘Thoughts’ ) are at:

Thought for Today

The remainder 30 ‘Thoughts’ ( TFT 31 to TFT 60 ) are at:

Thought for Today 2

Pari has started writing meditation commentaries in the following web-site but the web-site has not been properly developed as yet: Meditation Commentaries & Visualization

Pari's autobiography is at:

A Brief Autobiography of Brahma Kumari Pari

Pari's email address:

Pari's articles include a discussion on History Re-written, destruction, Enki, Jesus Christ, Krishna, Entropy, Confusion ,  Hopi Prophesies The End, 1996, 2000, 2012, 2036 , Nibiru, Abraham, Resurrection, Moses, Jews , Sons of God , Crop Circles, ME, Vyasa, Aliens , Greys, World Drama, Fate, Destiny , Mapmaker , World Unity , Reptilians , my past births, Underworld, God , Reptilian Collective Consciousness , Cycle of Time, Golden Age, Isis , Pagan theories, Age of Truth, Lakshmi and Narayan , World Rule, Christian Kingdom, Heaven , Deity Religion, Genetic Engineering, Ra , Horus , Osiris , Set , Neith , Draupadi , Parvati, Shiva, Ganga , Bhagirath , Sons of Sagar , Inanna-Ishtar, Enki and the Abgal, Noah, Ziusudra, the Anunnaki , Alexander the Great , Pandavas , Yadavas, Mahabharatha , Dogon Legends , Quantum Mechanics, Hinduism & Brahma Kumaris , Snake Deities & the Naga Clan , Explaining the Myths, Prophesies and Ancient Spiritual Theories , Dream & Vision , Evolution, Creation Theory , Ancient Sciences , Neti Neti meditation , Armageddon, etc.

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