Lisa was Featured Quilter for the 2017 Quilts By The Sea show sponsored by the Oregon Coastal Quilters Guild


The artists and teachers listed here are all well known to Lisa, who has studied under and and worked with most of them,

and has been entrusted with quilts by some of them, such as Jan Krentz. (Lisa also appears in Jan's Lone Star books.)

Patti Hyder

Irish Country Quilting, Dunfanaghy, Co. Donegal, Ireland


In our opinion, Imprint ® makes the best-looking and most comfortable anti-fatigue mat for those whose work involves long periods of standing. Lisa spends many hours at her Innova tm doing the beautiful work she is so well-known for, and even with a great pair of shoes, that can get tiring and is hard on the legs and back. Since we found the Imprint ® mats (after a lot of looking and research), it has made her days a LOT better! (I use them at my standing desk and garage bench too!)

In addition to being comfortable, good-looking mats, Imprint ® mats are the only anti-fatigue mat university tested by the Center for Ergonomics, proven to significantly reduce overall fatigue and discomfort by up to 60%! The no-curl edges and stay-flat memory ensure Imprint ® Comfort Mats won’t curl. They also offer a line of environmentally friendly mats manufactured using eco9 tm technology without the use of noxious and deadly formaldehyde or toxic heavy metals.

Quilter's Cove is a woman owned and operated business run by two of Lisa's long-time friends and business associates. They have a broad supply of quilting fabric and accessories, specializing in motifs and patterns that display the manifold beauties of Oregon and the Pacific North-West. They are at many of the shows, and have a shop in Newport, OR, or visit them on-line.

Jack Boersma has been Lisa's trusted long-arm machine dealer since 2002. He offers sales, installation, and excellent service and support for long-arm machines, as well as a wide range of sewing machines, and sewing supplies and notions, as well as classes and training in all phases of the sewing arts. Jack delivers to many locations, and he sets up and installs the machines personally. Jack is now an official Innova tm dealer.

BJ is an old friend of Lisa's, and has a lovely shop located in a quiet forest setting along scenic Highway 101, on the beautiful Oregon Coast, just outside Pacific City. She sells all things needed for the avid quilter, and also has lovely quilts for sale.


318 Bridgeview Circle

Bird In Hand, Pa 17505


Long-arm Machines & Peripherals

Innova tm is just what the name implies - an innovative and well-made long-arm machine quilting system with many unique features which make it a great choice for the professional long-arm quilter. Their sales, service, support and training are unparalleled in the industry. Lisa recently obtained her new Innova 26 tm from Jack Boersma, her long-time trusted dealer, who also repairs the Innova and other long-arms, and conventional sewing machines.

The IntelliQuilter tm - Lisa's personal choice of computer guided sewing systems.

Lisa has added the IntelliQuilter tm computer guided sewing system giving her a new tool capable of incredible precision to add to her own already laser-like free-hand art work. She uses the IQ tm for edge-to-edge work, as well as for more elaborate and intricate designs, or in combination with her own peerless freehand technique, as determined by the needs of the project and your inclination and budget. Her work with the IQ has already garnered several awards in shows.

Lisa chose the IQ tm after much research into computer-guided systems because of its intuitive Linux-based system which interfaces smoothly with her Apple OS X (it also works well with Windows), its simple touch-screen tablet display which is mounted on the sewing head at eye-level, allowing the operator to pause or change as needed, and its innovative wheel-driven system, which eliminates the ungainly and space-eating motor, pulley and belts, and work stations of other systems. Simple, yet elegant and efficient, the IQ tm is a great choice. Check the IQ Dealer's List for a dealer near you.

For IQ installation and service Lisa especially recommends Ron Paul of Houndholl'r Quilting (406-550-9026 /

(Ron also does installation and service long-arm machine repair of most makes and models.)


Cristyn Merry


All IntelliQuilter tm users should get the excellent book, "Use Your IQ! A Guide to Using Your IntelliQuilter" by Cristyn Merry of . This is a step-by-step guide to the use of the IQ, and is the "Missing Manual" that should come with the system -- but doesn't. This is the best one-stop resource for the IQ you will ever get!

Martelli tm is a family-owned and operated line of sewing and quilting products. Their remarkable and innovative patented product line was developed by the Martellis themselves, based on their own original research and development, and input from the many quilters and sewers across the nation who use their products.

The Martellis recently asked Lisa to test some of their products. Among her favorites were their patented ergonomic rotary cutter, which allows prolonged use with less fatigue than any other product she has used, the cutting mats, which feature numbers and lines printed in a size and color that make them much easier to distinguish the fabric against the lines on the ruler than on the usual dark green mats, and their unique no-slip templates, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as this Block Template Set.




Miscellaneous Sites of Interest

Organic / Fair Trade Robes, Towels and Bathrobes

Green Robes products are reasonably priced, great-looking, durable, well-made and comfortable, made using organic / sustainable processes.

For Celtic history, music, culture, and related topics, see Glen Celt.

Peter Stubbs of EdinPhoto - Great photography of Scotland, available for purchase.

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