These are just a handful of the many comments from Lisa's wonderful teachers, clients, and friends.  If you would like to add a comment, please send it by E or USPS using the address on the Contact page, and we will add it as soon as possible.  

Lisa, Your website is wonderful and your quilting is fabulous. You are a very talented quilter and I love that you are sharing your knowledge with other quilters. I have always felt that you are a very special person and it shows in your quilting. Bless you. Cathy Franks

Just wanted to thank you, Lisa, for the beautiful custom quilting that you did on my "PEACE 2001" quilt. It is truly a work of art and will be cherished for years to come. - SBJ, OR

I just looked at it all and it is great. I'm so proud of Lisa and this website too - it will help me show her work to my friends! I first saw Lisa's work when she visited our local guild when she moved nearby, and modestly brought in a couple of pieces for show-&-tell. Then when I was in Arizona and one of her clients (a noted quilt teacher)displayed work Lisa had done for her, and photos in her books of Lisa's work, I was delighted she was so respected and recognized in the industry. Lisa does very neat and clean work and has great versatility. She knows how to solve quilting problems for us. - BHJ, OR

I made a special graduation quilt for my son and his fiancee. I wanted the quilting to be extra special. Lisa made up a new quilting design for each area of the quilt. It was heavily quilted, creative and expertly done. I was very happy with it and so were the kids! - NW, OR

Hello and congratulations Lisa on your website...finally others may see what your admirers have known for years...what a true artist and great person you are! - RM, CA

This is a great website! It answers any & all questions a customer might ask. The water fountain is a nice touch and the house is perfect for the name. I work at Macy's and presentation is everything. You did a good job with this. Makes me want to get to work on my next quilt. ...Sight unseen Lisa gives estimates close enough to the $$. But when I got the quilt back, I was amazed how very professional & well thought out every inch on the sashes was, & since most of my quilts are sample blocks she'd figure the best design for each block, so I know she took time on my quilt, as if it were her own. As I showed off her skills at my work the comments were "Wow", even fellow sewers inspected it closely & kept saying "How'd she do that"? I said; "Thought & time". - LS, CA

Wow! You have a beautiful and informative site. Well done. And the pictures and history are a great touch. Can't wait to see what you add to it later. - DR, WA

Lisa, Your new website is great! Hope to get another quilt done in the future so I can have you quilt it. - LH, OR

I am very happy with Lisa's quiting. Won a second and third on quilts she has done for me. - FR, OR

I have had several quilts finished by Lisa, and the results are so beautiful. Each quilt is given special attention and thought. The quilting designs are unique and reflect the construction of the top. I can't say how happy I am with each quilt Lisa has quilted for me. - DE, OR

Wow...I just got it and I'm speechless and amazed. It is so beautiful. I send my heartfelt thanks... I'm completely blown away! Peace and Music, CR, CA

Lisa, your Web page is so nice - I must add that the pictures of you are darling. I will be more than happy to add my comments about your work - two quilts come to mind right off the bat. My Log Cabin Snowball Quilt and the one you did that was a signature quilt for my girlfriend's daughter upon her graduation from college. I would be glad to talk to anyone about your work. I couldn't be more pleased with the quilts you have done for me. Love, DH, CA

Just connected to your web site and I love it. Not only is Lisa talented, but Jim is also. It is marvelous to see. - MG, OR

Lisa..Congratulations!...Your web site is fantastic. I am so proud of you and your accomplishments. You are a wonderful person and quilter, and I am so happy to be the owner of one of your special hand made quilts. "OUR HAWAIIAN MEMORIES" that you made for Steve and me. Not to mention the other smaller works you have made for us. I will always cherish these quilts and our friendship of over 30 years. Your friend always, Love, Pat M. - TN

Dear Lisa, I am absolutely thrilled with the quilting you have done on my quilt. The back is as pretty as the front. You are one talented lady. Thank you so much. MC - CA

Thank you Lisa J. - I appreciate the time you took and the suggestions. That actually makes pretty good sense and I think it would work for this application. The baby quilt part is actually just the top without the batting and backing and I believe it would work fine without creating any thickness problems. Thank you so much. Happy Quilting. CC - WA

Lisa, This is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!! I opened up the box and was truly giddy with anticipation of your creativity. I love what you did with the log cabin border and the inner red border!! Not to mention all the beautifully "drawn" leaves in the blocks and the swirls in the "flying geese" strip! WOW!!!! Such a fine caliber of workmanship and such a quick turnaround; I am doubly fortunate. I will definitely get this quilt bound to hang in our show and I will be very pleased to put your name on the label and signage to share your talents with other quilters in our area. Thank you again for your superb workmanship; you've definitely given me some motivation to get more UFOs completed and on your calendar - AG, CA

Dear Lisa, I love it! You took my beautiful quilt from Mom and made it into a masterpiece! I especially love the holly leaf design around the green outside border. It is stunning. Being a December baby, Christmas begins here right after the Thanksgiving dishes are washed--and I'll be able to hang this beautiful treasure then - in about a week. Sincerely, EG, CA

I'm not much of a surfer or user of the web, but you made it easy for me. I spent about five minutes bouncing around Lisa's site. I have to say that I was very impressed with the Quilt site, very professional, very clean and neat and very INTERESTING and well put together. Again brilliant site. - R Mac A, Co. Gallimh, Eire

I want to thank you so much for the beautiful job you did for me.  I was so happy when I gave the quilt to my friend.  She loves it, and declares it is the most beautiful quilt she's ever seen!  She showed it to a friend of hers who is a quilter, and the friend said it was phenomenal, and that she has "quilt envy."  So, bless you and thanks again.

Arla F. (Newport, OR)

Lisa, Lisa, Lisa!

Wow!  Again, a beautiful treatment--I LOVE how the overall effect turned out.  A beautiful blend of motifs and wonderfully executed.  The vine in the outer border is also spot on!

Thanks again for your creativity.  A wonderful finish to my piecing.

Ann G. (Dublin, CA)

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