We invite you to look around our website and get a feel for our church. We'd like to take this opportunity to invite you to one of our weekly online services or events. And of course, feel free to contact our minister

Hi I’m Matt, and I am the minister of Glebe Methodist Church.

We want to welcome you to our church and our website in the name of our lord Jesus Christ.

We hope you find a home here and that you will journey with us, as we learn together about the amazingly good news of Jesus and the unimaginable depth of love that God has for each of us. So whether you are looking to find out more about Jesus or whether you are looking at our church website just to see who we are, you are welcome in this place.

So who am I, I love sport and love cooking. I weirdly have a GCSE in dance and I used to work on Phantom of the Opera. (The dance GCSE and working on Phantom the opera are not linked as I was a full time lighting technician!)

I’m passionate about sharing the good news of Jesus and know through personal experience the transformative power through Jesus’ death and resurrection that is on offer for each of us.

We would love to be able to tell you about this gift of love from God.

You would be most welcome at any of our events, groups or services

You will be assured of a warm welcome.

We the members and friends of Glebe Methodist Church, meet together to worship God and share Fellowship. We want to be a sign of God's caring love in our neighbourhood, to meet people's need, to offer a safe place for children and lead others to know and follow Jesus.