This website has been set up to provide a place for us all to be able to access news, information and details about forthcoming GLCL fixtures and results.

One particularly useful part of the website is the feed from a 'news blog'. Individuals can be given authoring permission to submit news items on the blog that appear in a 'feed' (or space) on the website. This is incorporated on the front (home) page. This useful tool will give all club 'reps' the ability to give details and information (and updates) about forthcoming events. It can also be used to simply send out some interesting news or notifications to the whole group.

Authoring Access to the Website

The authoring and editing of pages within the website needs only 'MS Word' type skills. If you'd like to be able to edit your club's page you'll need to get an 'invite' from google to be able to edit pages on the website. Get your GLCL club rep to request this and the email will come to me.

You'll then get an automated email from google with the necessary links. You'll also need a google account and know your password. If you don't have one don't worry, you can use your own email address and it's very easy to set up... and of course totally free.