Teaching & mentoring

Teaching experience

Every summer semester since 2016: teaching appointment “Ecology and taxonomy field course” for BSc students at HU Berlin (in collaboration with Prof. Emanuel Heitlinger)

Every summer semester since 2017: one lecture on "predator-prey interactions" in the “Trends in Aquatic Ecology” lecture series for MSc students organized by IGB & FU Berlin

09/2011 – 12/2012: teaching associate at the Department of Biology, TU Darmstadt: undergraduate courses “Terrestrial Ecology” (field course), “Principles of Ecology” (lab course) and “emb/KIVA” (interdisciplinary project course in cooperation with the Departments of Engineering, Political Sciences and Philosophy).

Summer semester 2011: teaching assignment (Lehrauftrag - undergraduate field course “Terrestrial Ecology”) at the Department of Biology, TU Darmstadt

Summer semester 2005 & '06: student teaching assistant animal taxonomy (“zoologische Bestimmungsübungen“) at the Department of Biology, TU Darmstadt

Student supervision

05/2017 – 04/2018: main supervision BSc project Joshua Leibrock, HU Berlin: “Maternal effects on individual-level variation in growth and behaviour in a feral guppy population in Germany.”

06/2016 – 02/2017: main supervision research project Miriam Dominguez Rodriguez and Jaeug Choi (MSc Fish Biology, Fisheries & Aquaculture, HU Berlin). Project title: “Individual variation in behaviour and feeding rates of convict cichlids (Amatitlania nigrofasciata) at optimal and suboptimal temperatures”

03/2016 – 03/2017: co-supervision MSc project Juliane Lukas, HU Berlin; (MSc Fish Biology, Fisheries & Aquaculture, HU Berlin; main supervisor: Dr. David Bierbach). Thesis title: "Behavioural adaptations of a feral guppy population (Poecilia reticulata Peters, 1859) to temperature gradients in thermally polluted freshwaters in Germany”

07/2015 – 03/2017: co-supervision PhD project Yuanheng Li, Uni Göttingen & iDiv Leipzig; (main supervisor: Dr. Björn Rall). Thesis title: “Feeding interactions and their relevance to biodiversity under global change”

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