In 2018 I declined a review request from Elsevier. My main argument to do this was based on the failed Projekt Deal negotiations between a network of libraries of universities and research institutes in Germany, the country where I am based (see this link for the official press release on the failed negotiations). As my template of a formal review decline that could be re-used got a lot of attention on Twitter, I decided to post it here on my website too. You can find the template here: link. 


If you want to make your academic publications accessible to everyone, preprints are the easiest and cheapest solution. To find out more about the idea of preprints you can read this article on There is also this great essay by Matthew Cobb published in PLOS Biology and a news feature published 2017 in Science.

Practical info about preprints can be found on the webpage of ASAPbio, a non-profit organization promoting preprint use in the life sciences. Another very useful tool for academics that want to introduce preprint server usage in their workflow is the Sherpa/Romeo data base that lists pre-print and post-print policies for all major journals and publishers.


Here are some weblinks to ecology and environment blogs and websites that I find useful and/or entertaining:

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