Research faculty, Nova SBE

Research fellow of the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia - CEEC-IND 2022-2028

NOVAFRICA resident member

Research fellow, Global Labor Organization

Associate researcher, LEO University of Orléans

Research interests: inequalities, identities, violence, and natural resources



Twitter @victoire_girard



Ongoing work

Sexual violence as a weapon of war, with Maleke Fourati and Jérémy Laurent-Lucchetti.

Extras & media: Novafrica Sustainable Development podcast, voxeu

Artisanal mining in Africa, with Teresa Molina-Millán and Guillaume Vic.

Extras & media: World Bank blog (get in touch for the gold suitability data)

Income or health? The case of artisanal mines, with Teresa Molina-Millán

Climate induced conflicts: the role of income diversification

Book Chapters

Inflated Expectations and Commodity Prices: Evidence from Kazakhstan. With Alma Kudebayeva and Gerhard Toews, 2021, Handbook on the Sustainable Politics and Economics of Natural Resources, edited by Indra Overland and Stella Tsani, Edward Elgar Publishing.

Media: Free Network policy brief

Industrial and artisanal exploitation of mineral resources: what impacts on development? With Agnès Zabsonré, 2021, The Economics of Mineral Resources: The Challenge of Sustainability, edited by Florian Fizaine and Xavier Galiègue, ISTE-Elsevier.

Winner of the AEE prize of the best book