Nicolas Berman                   

A*Midex research chair, Aix Marseille School of Economics
Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva (on leave)
Research Fellow, CEPR


Aix Marseille School of Economics, GREQAM
Chemin du Château Lafarge
13290 Les Milles, France
E-mail: nicolas.Berman – at–  graduateinstitute.ch, nicolas.berman - at - univ-amu.fr

Teaching Fall 2015
EI035         Econometrics I
MINT002   Trade and Development
Teaching Spring 2015
EI033         International Trade I: Theory and Evidence 
EI007         Doctoral Seminar Trade
E131 Microeconomics I

Working papers

- Fertile Ground for conflict, with M. Coutenier and R. Soubeyran 
- Demand learning and firm dynamics: evidence from exporters, with V. Rebeyrol and V. Vicard
- Trade policy and market power: Firm-level evidence, with A. Asprilla, O. Cadot and M. Jaud
Last version  (February 2017)
- Financial crises and International Trade: the long way to recovery 
Working Paper


- This mine is mine! How mineral fuel conflicts in Africa, 2017with M. CouttenierD. Rohner and M. ThoenigAmerican Economic Review  107(6)
 Last version (July 2016)   Web appendix CEPR DP 10089 VOX column

Media coverage: The Economist , Sverige Radio (Swedish),  SWR2 (German National Radio)Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ)Africa Times AEA Research HighlightsLe Monde (french)

- External shocks, internal shots: the geography of civil conflicts, 2015, with M. CouttenierReview of Economics and Statistics vol 97(4), pp 758-776.

Last version (Jan 2015)   Web Appendix  CEPR DP 9895

- Export dynamics and sales at home, 2015, with A. Berthou and J. HéricourtJournal of International Economics 96(2), 298-310

Last version (Jan. 2015)  Web Appendix  CEPR DP 8664 (2011 version)  Vox column

- Time to ship during financial crises, 2013, with J. de SousaP. MartinT. MayerNBER International Seminar on Macroeconomics 2012, F. Giavazzi and K. West eds., University of Chicago Press.  

NBER Working Paper Vox Column

 - The vulnerability of Sub-Saharan Africa to the financial crisies: the case of trade ?, 2012, with P. Martin, revised version of CEPR DP 7765, IMF Economic Review 60(3): 329-364

Last Version Vox Column

- Credit Constraints and the cyclicality of R&D Investment: Evidence from France, 2012, with P. AghionP. AskenazyG. Cette, and L. Eymard, Journal of the European Economic Association 10(5):1001-1024 

Last Version

 -  How do Different Exporters React to Exchange Rate Changes?, 2011, with P. Martin and T. MayerQuarterly Journal of Economics 127(1):437-4493

Last Version ; Web Appendix ; Vox Column

 - Debt denomination, exchange rate movements and the margins of trade, 2011, with J. HéricourtApplied Economics Letters, vol. 18 (9)


-  Financial Factors and the Margins of Trade: Evidence from cross-country firm-level data, 2010, with J. Héricourt), Journal of Development Economics vol. 93 (2), pp. 206-217

Paper ; Last Version

 - Financial Market Imperfections and the Impact of Exchange Rate Movements on Exports, 2009, with A. Berthou, Review of International Economics vol. 17 (1), pp. 103-120

Paper  Last Version