Antoine Berthou

Senior Economist at Banque de France

Associate researcher at CEPII


antoine.berthou (at)

Banque de France

31 rue Croix-Des-Petits-Champs

75001 Paris

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New Papers

Productivity, (mis)allocation and trade, with Jong Hyun Chung (Stanford), Charlotte Sandoz (Paris School of Economics) and Kalina Manova (UCL and CEPR)

Dollar funding and firm-level exports, with Guillaume Horny (Banque de France) and Jean-Stéphane Mésonnier (Banque de France)

Banque de France Working Paper N. 666

Exchange rate movements, firm-level exports and heterogeneity, with Emmanuel Dhyne (National Bank of Belgium),

Banque de France Working Paper N. 660

New Blog, Banque de France

"Quel serait le coût d'une guerre commerciale mondiale?", avec Caroline Jardet, Daniele Siena, et Urszula Szczerbowicz

"Quantifying the losses from a global trade war", with Caroline Jardet, Daniele Siena, and Urszula Szczerbowicz

"A strong euro is less harmful to the most productive exporters"

"Un euro fort pénalise moins les exportateurs très productifs"