I am Research Scientist at INRA, Montpellier.

My professional address is: 2 place viala, 34060 Montpellier, France     

My Email is: Raphael.Soubeyran@supagro.inra.fr


Research interests:  Political Economics, Organization Theory, Development Economics, Environmental and Resource Economics.

Selected Publications:


Recent Working Papers:

Some Work in Progress:

  • Fertile Ground for Conflict, with Nicolas Berman and Mathieu Couttenier
  • Risk and Time Preferences and Fertilizer Use by Maize Farmers in Burkina Faso, with Tristan Le Cotty, Elodie Maître d'Hôtel and Julie Subervie.

Older Works:

Media, Popular Press and Vulgarization:

  • "An Overview of the Roots of CivilWars: Natural Factors and Economic Conditions" (2013) G-MonD Policy Papers (with M. Couttenier).
  • "La diplomatie permet-elle d’obtenir des avantages commerciaux?" (2011) AFSE/ Les Echos (with M. Couttenier).

Ph.D Students:

  • Defended 2016: Bocar Samba Ba: "Natural Resources and Recycling"
  • Started 2015: Mamadou Gueye: "Contracting with Spatial Externalities"


Joint Venture Breakup and the Exploration-Exploitation Trade-off. (with Ngo van Long and Antoine Soubeyran), 2009, unpublished manuscript.

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