I am Chargé de Recherche (Assistant/Associate Professor) at INRA and LAMETA

My professional address is: 2 place viala, 34060 Montpellier, France     

an my Email is: Raphael.Soubeyran@supagro.inra.fr                       


Research interests:  Political Economics, Development Economics, Organization Theory, Environmental and Resource Economics

Working Papers and Work in Progress:

Wait and Sell: Farmer Preferences and Crop Storage in Burkina Faso [latest version, May 2015] (with T. Le Cotty, E. Maître d'Hôtel and J. Subervie).

On the Origins of Organizations (with N. Quérou and A. Soubeyran).

Impatience and Fertilizer Use: Evidence from Burkina Faso. (with T. Le Cotty, E. Maître d'Hôtel and J. Subervie).

"Warrantage". (with T. Le Cotty, E. Maître d'Hôtel and J. Subervie).

Recycling and Extraction of an Exhaustible Resource (with B. Ba and R. Lifran).

Small is Beautiful: Firm Size, Prevention and Food Safety [latest version] (with E. Rouvière).

Main Publications:

Knowledge Accumulation within an Organization. (2014) International Economic Review Vol 55(4), 1089–1128. (with Ngo van Long and Antoine Soubeyran).  [Slides], [WP Version]

Drought and Civil War in Sub-Saharan Africa. (2014) Economic Journal Vol. 124(575) pp. 201-244.  [publisher page] (with Mathieu Couttenier).

Other Publications:

A Survey of the Causes of Civil Conflicts: Natural Factors and Economic Conditions. Revue d'Economie Politique, forthcoming (with M. Couttenier)

Rainwater Harvesting and Groundwater Conservation: When Endogenous Heterogeneity Matters.   Environmental and Resource Economics, forthcoming (with M. Tidball, A. Tomini and K. Erdlenbruch)

Competition vs. Quality in an Industry with Imperfect Traceability  (2011) Economics Bulletin Vol. 31(4) pp. 3052–3067. (with Elodie Rouvière)

Heterogeneous Efforts in Voluntary Programmes on Food Safety: Theory and Evidence. (2010) European Review of Agricultural Economics, Vol 37 (4) pp. 479–499. (with Elodie Rouvière).

Contest with Attack and Defense: Does Negative Campaigning Increase or Decrease Voter Turnout?  (2009) Social Choice and Welfare  Vol. 32(3), pp. 337-353.

Does a Disadvantaged Candidate Choose an Extremist Position? (2009) Annals of Economics and Statistics Vol. 93-94, pp. 328-348.

Political Cycles: Issue Ownership and The Opposition Advantage.  (2008) Journal of Public Economic Theory Vol. 10(4), pp. 685-716. (with Pascal Gautier)

When Does Universal Peace Prevail? Secession and Group Formation in Conflict. (2006) Economics of Governance Vol.7(1), pp. 3-29.  (with Francis Bloch and Santiago  Sanchez-Pages)

When Inertia Generates Political Cycles.  (2006) Economics Bulletin Vol. 4(31), pp. 1-8.


Other Publications/ Media Coverage

CLIMATE AND CONFLICT: Evidence of a weak link between drought and the likelihood of civil war, Media Briefings of the Royal Economic Society, with Mathieu Couttenier.

Sécheresse et Guerre Civile en Afrique Sub-Saharienne (with Mathieu Couttenier and Annie Hofstetter), INRA Sciences Sociales Vol. 6, 2013.

An Overview of the Roots of Civil Wars: Natural Factors and Economic Conditions (with Mathieu Couttenier), G-MonD Policy Papers Vol. 2, January 2013.

La diplomatie permet-elle d'obtenir des avantages commerciaux?  (with Mathieu Couttenier).  AFSE/ Les Echos, 21 Avril 2011.


Joint Venture Breakup and the Exploration-Exploitation Trade-off. (with Ngo van Long and Antoine Soubeyran), 2009, unpublished manuscript.

Workshop on "The Political Economy of Sustainable Development", Montpellier, November 14-15/2013.

Other working papers available on my RePEc Page
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