Julie Subervie

Environmental Economist

Welcome to my website!

I am a Research Scientist at the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) where I have occupied a permanent research position since 2009.

I am currently a member of the Center for Environmental Economics in Montpellier (CEEM), France, where I lead a number of research projects that deal with ecologically-innovative agriculture.

Research Topics

My research focuses on the negative impacts of agriculture on the environment, with an emphasis on the efficiency of monetary and non-monetary schemes in improving farmers' decisions about natural resource conservation. I mostly do empirical work, including impact evaluation using microeconometric tools.

Working Papers

Behaghel Luc, Macours Karen, Subervie Julie (2018) Can RCTs help improve the design of CAP? (minor revision before publication in the European Review for Agricultural Economics).

Chabé-Ferret, S. ; Le Coënt, P. ; Reynaud, A. ; Subervie, J. ; Lepercq, D. (2018) Can We Nudge Farmers Into Saving Water? Evidence from a randomized experiment. (minor revision before publication in the European Review for Agricultural Economics).

Le Cotty Tristan, Maître d'Hotel Elodie, Soubeyran Raphaël, Subervie Julie (2018) Inventory credit as a commitment device to save grain until the hunger season, (R&R to the American Journal of Agricultural Economics).

Published Papers

Simonet, G.; Subervie, J.; Ezzine-de-Blas, D.; Cromberg, M. & Duchelle, A. (2018), Effectiveness of a REDD+ Project in Reducing Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon, American Journal of Agricultural Economics (forthcoming)

Kuhfuss, L. & Subervie, J. (2018), Do European Agri-environment Measures Help Reduce Herbicide Use? Evidence From Viticulture in France, Ecological Economics 149, 202–211.

Le Cotty, Elodie Maître d’Hôtel, Raphael Soubeyran & Julie Subervie (2017) Linking Risk Aversion, Time Preference and Fertiliser Use in Burkina Faso, Journal of Development Studies.

Courtois, P. & Subervie, J. (2015), Farmer Bargaining Power and Market Information Services, American Journal of Agricultural Economics 97(3), 953-977. This paper received the Outstanding AJAE Article Award in 2016.

Drogué, Sophie, Florence Jacquet, Julie Subervie (2014) Farmer's adaptation to environmental changes, 3-11. In Review of Agricultural and Environmental Studies 95 (01).

Galtier, F., H. David-Benz, J. Subervie and J. Egg (2014) Agricultural market information systems in developing countries: New models, new impacts, 232-244. In Cahiers Agricultures 23 (4-5).

Subervie, J. & Vagneron, I. (2013), A drop of water in the Indian Ocean? The impact of GlobalGap Certification on lychee farmers in Madagascar, World Development 50, 57–73.

Chabé-Ferret, S. & Subervie, J. (2013), 'How much green for the buck? Estimating additional and windfall effects of French agro-environmental schemes by DID-matching', Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 65(1), 12-27.

Subervie, J. (2011), Producer price adjustment to commodity price shocks: An application of threshold cointegration, Economic Modelling 28(5), 2239-2246.

Guillaumont, P.; Korachais, C. & Subervie, J. (2009), How Macroeconomic Instability Lowers Child Survival, Revue d'économie du développement 17, 9-32.

Subervie, J. (2008), The Variable Response of Agricultural Supply to World Price Instability in Developing Countries, Journal of Agricultural Economics 59(1), 72-92.

Other Papers

Chabé-Ferret, S. & Subervie, J. (2012), Evaluation of Agri-environmental Policies: Selected Methodological Issues and Case Studies, OECD Publishing, Paris, chapter Econometric methods for estimating the additional effects of agri-environmental schemes on farmers' practices, pp. 185–198.

Sylvain Chabe-Ferret, Eduardo Souza-Rodrigues, Julie Subervie and Arthur van Benthem (2015) ‘Governments do not know the best way to save the Amazon rainforest. And that needs to change.’ The Economist, Free Exchange Blog.