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21-11-2016 : first draft.

23-11-2016 : threaded physical link, network card.

24-11-2016 : IP module: auto neighbor discovery, auto routing table sharing, ping.

25-11-2016 : bug fixes, Full-IP routing, IP-in-IP, loop-back routing.

28-11-2016 : partial implementation of TCP.

29-11-2016 : TCP bind, listen, connection handshake.

30-11-2016 : bug fixes, objects-life-time management, reference counting.

01-12-2016 : bug fixes, socket-connection-disconnection, socket-state-lingering, data-sending protocol, data acknowledgment/resending.

03-12-2016 : bug fixes & better locking policies, better IP route sharing, fully working TCP-layer (connection/ disconnection, data sending/receival, data-resending, data-ACK, blocking/non sockets).

04-12-2016 : network-device-link: separate threads for data delivery to higher levels.

05-12-2016 : network-device-link: common global threads for reading loops, bug fix (physical packet start sequence), better handling of bandwidth & round-trip-times (line-buffer-size).

06-12-2016 : bug fixes (dead-locks, IP-Routing), queued-threaded read/write on the physical link, infrastructure class, support for ping-response & RTT estimation.

19-12-2016 : application layer client/server: first draft.

20-12-2016 : bug fixes, proper ref-counting, proper de-init & destruction.