Software that runs on HC and compatible computers.

The main idea is  to include programs not yet present on the internet and/or the most used Spectrum programs in Romania.


This are ROM chip dumps from various Romanian computer models.

ComputerDownload link
"HC - 85 I.C.E. FELIX", just copyright modification
"HC - 90 I.C.E. FELIX", just copyright modification
"HC - 91 I.C.E. FELIX", copyright modification and CP/M loader at 14446.
HC-2000New Version of BASIC + CP/M + IF1

Old Version of BASIC+IF1+CP/M
There are 2 versions of HC 2000 ROMs. Version 1 displays "HC2000 ICE FELIX COMPUTER SA" and the second version says "HC2000 I.C.E.FELIX". Also, the IF1 has 2 versions signed as: "190892T40H2S164" and "221191T40H2S16" respectively. The CP/M loader is at address 14446. The second ROM has a keyboard test routine at address 14470 that doesn't work. It should display a counter of key presses.
HC-12848K ROM
48K ROM displays the same message as HC-91 but has some code added. The code added is:
3C1C F3           DI
3C1D 212B3C       LD HL,3C2B
3C20 110080       LD DE,8000
3C23 011C00       LD BC,001C
3C26 EDB0         LDIR
3C28 C30080       JP 8000

3C2B 3E10         LD A,10
3C2D 01FD7F       LD BC,7FFD
3C30 ED79         OUT (C),A

3C32 211280       LD HL,8012
3C35 E5           PUSH HL
3C36 210000       LD HL,0000
3C39 E5           PUSH HL
3C3A C30800       JP 0008,ERROR-1

3C3D 3E2F         LD A,2F
3C3F 01FD7F       LD BC,7FFD
3C42 ED79         OUT (C),A
3C44 C30000       JP 0000,START

This routine is functionally the same with the HC91 one (at address 14446). It uses the 128K model ports to create the same configuration for running CP/M, and jumps to the CP/M bootloader. Thanks to Rares Atodiresei for clearing this up.

128K ROM displays "(C) 1994 ICE Felix".
"BASIC-S", just copyright modification
CobraBoot and Opus ROMs
Opus "Operating User System" ROM is a 16K monitor/assembler/copier mainly seen in Cobra computer.
"JET I.Electromagnetica", just copyright modification
This ROM is interesting, it has the commands and error messages translated to Romanian and a lot of extra code. I was told that it belongs to CIP computers. It uses the built in 2K ROM of CIP and can also handle custom speed tape load/save (by pressing key 1,2,3 or 4 after "Press any key..." message).
The 2K CIP-01 ROM - thanks to Eugen
HC-88 2K boot ROM - thanks to Cosmin Dumitrescu. This is an interesting machine, I understood it has 80 column display for CP/M, seems different than HC+IF1 line
 Prae download Prae ROM - thanks to Raimund Ullmann

Disk Images - BASIC

This are usualy created with HCDisk program and are raw sector dumps of disks.

HC BASIC demo disk

Disk Images - CP/M

This are usualy created with CPMImg program and are raw sector dumps of disks.

HC CP/M original disk

Tape image files

Copy 86/M (a.k.a. Kovaks Copy)

This was the copier that most people used. It features real time block compression, BASIC block listing, timer.

Machine Code Spion - Human Software '87

Disassembler, Header viewer/editor, BASIC lister, decimal viewer/editor. Short documentation included.

Works with the floppy disk for loading/saving of source files.

Taken from Warajevo Emulator package. Baud selection:
0 = 1400 Bd; 1 = 1500 Bd; 2 = 1850 Bd; 3 = 1900 Bd; 4 = 2750 Bd;
5 = 3050 Bd; 6 = 3250 Bd; 7 = 3300 Bd; 8 = 3650 Bd; 9 = 7500 Bd;

Compressed Games

Thise are compressed games, that load in a single block (the whole game resides in a single basic REM line), making it very easy to transfer them to disk. Also, the compression used is the best available for Z80.

- Rares Atodiresei: 

1. Disk 1

atv, bravestarr, chuckie, chuckie2, core, deathpit, duct, dustin, dynadan, express,
galaxians, heman, hundra, icepallace, jknipper2, kokotoni, magictok, ntrearth,
pacman, paperboy2, plotting, quackshot, rapede, saboteur2, snakywaky,
sokoban, spyhunter, thundbirds, typerope, uridium, voyage, zxsudoku

2. R-Type - modified for HC disk interface.

3. Chase HQ, Cabal, Shadow Dancer - modified to load levels from disk

4. Golden Axe, Platoon - modified to load levels from disk

5. Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doommodified to load levels from disk

- Myself

1. Disk 1 - Old Games

Alien8, Arkanoid1, Arkanoid2, Aticatac, Batty, Bomberman, Chronos, Chuckie, DeathChase, Fist, Gunfright, JetPack, JetSetWilly, JumpJack, Knightlore, Lancelot, LodeRun, ManicMiner, MOTOS, NightShade, Pentagram, Pheenix, POPEYE, Sabrewulf, Skooldaze, Starquake, StopExpres, Thrust, Trashman, Underwurlde, Wriggler

1. Disk 2 - New Games

3Weeks, ActReflex, Blinky, BobBearing, Bombjack, CastleMast, DarkSide, Deflektor, Driller, Enduro, FairLight, FrostByte, Gyroscope, HighWayEnc, HOH, Hundra, LopEars, MiamiChase, Nebulus, OlliLissa1, OlliLissa2, OlliLissa3, Rebel, Renegade, REX1, Rex2, Sigma7, SoldFort, Switchblade, Wally, Zynaps

3. Dizzy Games

A.1. Adventures
 1. Dizzy 1, The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure
 2. Dizzy 1, The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure, Crash Edition
 3. Dizzy 2, Treasure Island Dizzy
 4. Dizzy 2, Treasure Island Dizzy, Crash Edition
 5. Dizzy 3, Fantasy World Dizzy
 6. Dizzy 3.5, Christmas Bonus
 7. Dizzy 4, Magicland Dizzy
 8. Dizzy 5, Spellbound Dizzy
 9. Dizzy 6, Prince of the Yolk Folk
10. Dizzy 7, Chrystal Kingdom

A.2. Arcade
11. Bubble Dizzy
12. Fast Food Dizzy
13. Kwik Snacks Dizzy
14. Panic Dizzy
15. Dizzy Down The Rapids

B. Fan Made
16. Dizzy 8, Little Joke
17. Dizzy 9, Last Will Dizzy
18. Dizzy X, Journey to Russia
19. Dizzy Y, Return From Russia
20. Dizzy New
21. Home Island Dizzy
22. Dizzy Return to Magicland

4. Best of CodeMasters

ARobHood, atv, BIGNOSE, BronxStCop, capdin, CJE1, CJE2, LittlePuf, MurrayM, Seym1, Seym2, Seym3, Seym4, Seym5, Seym6, Slightly, SpikeTr, SRobHood, Steg, Stryker, Tarzan, Tilt, WizWilly,