Romanian Home Computer

A tribute to Romanian Sinclair Spectrum compatible Home Computers  


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This little website is meant as an extension for the Romanian Home Computer Group.

Please contact me at george_chirtoaca(at)yahoo(dot)com for any suggestion.


March 2021

- Updated user group link to .

- Added source code repos for HCDisk2 and COM2HC tools in Projects.

September 2017

- Added Junior XT schematics in Documentation, thanks to yo3ghm

5 September 2014

- Added HCDisk2 in Projects

11 April 2014

- Added "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" multilevel game converted for disk by Rares Atodiresei.

28 January 2014

- Prae ROM in Software - thanks to Raimund Ullmann

- Prae Manual in Documentation - Raimund Ullmann

- Prae Basic Manual in Documentation

14 May 2013

- Fuse Update: fuse-emulator-svn-hc2000-v2.7z - based on Fuse 1.1.0

13 May 2013

- Added HC Run program by Rares Atodiresei, in Projects

- Added 2 multilevel games converted by Rares Atodiresei for HC with disk, in Software

13 January 2013

Scheme logice TIM-S Plus - thanks to Alin Adrian ANTON

20 October 2012

- Updated version of HC 2000 emulator for Spectrum +3, now with CP/M support, thanks to  Rares Atodiresei

12 October 2012

- Added Revista "Clubul programatorilor universitari" - thanks to Alin-Adrian ANTON

31 October 2012

- Added new version of Fuse emulator, with support for HC CP/M. Thanks to Alex Badea. Download

26 October 2012

- Added HC 2000 Emulator for Spectrum +3, by Rares Atodiresei in Projects

12 September 2012

- Added new schematics, Cobra analog PAL coder, created by Bubu, in Documentation

13 August 2012

- Added Fuse emulator in Projects, modified by Alex Badea to emulate a HC with disk. Download

11 November 2011

- Added 3 new games adapted to load levels from disk by Rares Atodiresei: ChaseHQ, Cabal, Shadow Dancer

27 October 2011

- Added the Assembly Language Tutorial (Tutor), Romanian version, adapted for HC disk by Rares Atodiresei

23 October 2011

- Added "Totul despre calculatorul personal aMic" volume 2 book in Documentation, thanks to Alex Danes

16 October 2011

- Added LB 881manual in Documentation

- Added "Totul despre calculatorul personal aMic" volume 1 book in Documentation, thanks to Alex Danes

20 September 2011

- Added many compressed games in Software, created by Rares Atodiresei and myself. Note the modified version of R-Type, adapted for HC disk interface by Rares.

18 April 2011

- Added Ion Diamandi - Calculatorul,  coleg de bancă, thanks to Teodor Chira

8 October 2010

- HC Commander Beta in Projects

- HC File System description document in Documentation

18 January 2010

- Added "Ion Diamandi - PC World Romania - Tips & Tricks - Jocuri pe calculator.pdf" in Documentation. Thanks to icf.

10 January 2010

- Added "Vlad Atansiu - Minunata lume a HC-ului". Thanks to icf.

08 Mars 2009

 - Added "Calculatorul nimic mai simplu". Thanks to Alex Danes.

 - Added link to external site with "Stiinta si tehnica" magazine  archive

22 October 2008

 Created the Pictures page with pictures of most of the Romanian computers 

18 August 2008

 Added TIM-S usage manual and CoBra presentation manuals in Documentation - thanks to Alex Danes

 Added CIP-01 ROM and Compress Copy 128, Super Copy 128 in Software - thanks to Eugen

12 August 2008

 Added TIM-S+ computer manual, thanks to Eugen. 

10 June 2008

- Added Cobra technical manual, thanks to Roelof Koning 

09 June 2008

- Added Sintez 2 schematics, thanks to Rares.

03 June 2008

- Added CIP03 manual, thanks to Roelof Koning.

17 April 2008

- Added HC IF1 schematics, thanks to Liviu Grama. 

16 April 2008

- Added HC2000 schematics in Documentation, thanks to Liviu Grama.

08 April 2008 

- Added complete version of HC2000 Manual in Documentation, thanks to Mihai Alexandru Vasiliu.

- Added PDF version of HC Ports document in Documentation.