These are recent programs related to HC computers.

HCDisk 2.0

1. What is it?

HCDisk is a tool able to transfer files to and from several file systems Specific to the Sinclair Spectrum computer and clones. 

2. What can it do?

It can understand these file systems:
- CPM - Spectrum +3 and various clones (HC, CoBra)
- +3 BASIC (CPM based)
- Betadisk TR-DOS
- Miles Gordon Technologies +D
- Opus Discovery
- ICE Felix HC BASIC (Romanian clone, CPM based)
- ICTI CoBra Devil FS (Romanian clone)
- Electronica CIP-04 (Spectrum +3 clone from Romania, with 3.5 disk drive)
File systems based on CPM are read-write, the others are read only (for now).

Several disk image types are supported:
- Physical disks inserted into the PC floppy drive
- RAW, including TRD, MGT, OPD
- CQM (read only)
- SCL (read only)
- Tape images: TAP, TZX
Note: For accessing floppy disks in physical drive, you need Simon Owen's fdrawcmd driver: .

It also includes file conversion for Spectrum Specific files, to be viewed on PC:
- converts Spectrum BASIC programs to BASIC source code 
- converts Spectrum SCREEN$ files to animated GIFs
- includes a disassembler for CODE files
- includes a hex viewer

The source code is published here: .

COM2HC Utility

This tool helps with transferring data between a HC with IF1 and a PC using a serial cable. The source code and info is published here: .

HC 2000 Emulator for Sinclair Spectrum +3 by Rares Atodiresei

HC 2000 emulator that runs on Sinclair Spectrum +3. It has floppy disk support. It consists on IF1 ROM patches that change the floppy disk access ports to those used on +3. It also relies on writable memory provided by Multiface interface.  Tested on Spectaculator. Download

Fuse Emulator

Modified for HC disk access by Alex Badea, now with CP/M support.

Update 14.05.2013: fuse-emulator-svn-hc2000-v2.7z - based on Fuse 1.1.0


HC Disk

This one can be used to transfer files to and from HC floppy disks inserted into a PC floppy. Can also read/write disk images, format disks and export files to TAP format for use in emulators.

Download::HCDisk 1.04b 



This one can be used to read and write image files of HC CP/M floppy disks inserted into a PC floppy drive. It can also format disks into HC CP/M format.

Download::CPMIMG 1.01

 Both of the above programs need installation of Simon Owen's floppy disk driver found here: .

HC Commander

Fast Norton Commander-like file explorer for HC.


HC Exteded Cat

This utility is running on HC and displays detailed information about each file from the floppy disk. Info is: file number, file name, file attributes, start line/start address, exact file length.

 Source code is included. Can be assembled with SJAsmPlus or Pasmo cross assemblers. It ilustrates HC disk access from assembler.

Download:  HCExtCat.rar


HC RUN - Rares Atodiresei

HC Run - Rares