the gax ultramarathons

if not now, then when?

The idea of gax formed during a race in the Czech Republic in 2005. It was night (the second one during the race) and I wanted more running, more trail and more nature. Once home I started to develop the idea of organizing the first 100 mile trail run in Northern Europe.

wanted it grand and great, for the first race six participants showed up for a ride of a lifetime ... but eventually the race grew and to answer the question How far can one run I uppped the ante a notch. I believed that 246 km was the absolute maximum - it is not. 

The gax ultramarathons are based on adventure and trail, nature and self support - back to basic.
                                         "Good fortune with your pioneering event." - Gordon Ainsleigh, 2007
if you can dream it, you can do it