17 Mtr Moxon Rectangle

The moxon rectangle is a small compact 2 element yagi antenna with folded back elements.The picture above shows a 17 mtr version made from fishing pole whips.

The moxon rectangle has evoled from the VK2ABQ beam antenna, also known as the button yagi, Les Moxon G6XN (SK) later improved on the design and L B Cebik , W4RNL (SK) carried out further work and the end result was the Moxgenerator

Above are some pictures of how I mounted the fishing poles to the main boom, I have used armod cable cleets for the fishing pole holders.Aluminium box and C section have been used for the boom construction.Cable ties have been used for the element tip to tip spacing.

Below is the far field and current plots of the antenna at 10 meters above ground, the plots show a forward gain of around 3.8 dBd and 17 db F/B.

Below is a plot of a 1/2 wave dipole also 10 meters above ground for comparison, the red shows some vertical radiation off the ends of the element.

The plot indicates a maximum take off angle of 23 degrees, only 1 degree higher than the moxon at the same height.

The moxon works very well for a compact footprint antenna, I have found that the feed point impedance and F/B ratio is influenced by antenna height and drops off sharply below 10mtr above ground.

The plot below shows the moxon at 5 meter above ground, notice that the angle of radiation has now increased to 38 degrees with rejuiced forward and rear F/B.