The Fort

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Artifacts known to have been excavated from the site of Fort Massachusetts:

  • Headstone of Elisha Nims (and four other small headstones with no inscriptions.)
  • Musket balls
  • Indian arrow-heads
  • Metal tomahawk
  • Muzzle of a small cannon
  • Several bombshells (?)
  • Pieces of pots and kettles, broken bottles, a silver spoon with a very large and nearly round bowl, strongly-made but badly rusted jackknives and cartloads of brickbats are among these curious and suggestive mementos found and distributed by Captain Clement Harrison, who purchased the land in 1830.
  • two rusty cannon balls
  • a handful of flint arrowheads
  • a rusty wrought-iron door latch
  • a pewter fork and spoon, two old knives
  • a coin dated 1725
  • several uniform buttons


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