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    • American Centuries: Views from New England This website is unique in many design features that facilitate successful use by educators and students. It includes a large library of primary resources, curricula, and interactive student activities; most of them presented in age-appropriate, user-friendly formats.
  • North American Forts A Catalogue and Gazetteer of Forts and Fortresses, Trading Posts, Camps, Stockades, Blockhouses, Garrisons, Arsenals, and Seacoast Batteries in the United States and Canada and Associated Territories
  • Fort Wiki All about historic U.S. and Canadian forts, camps and stations
  • Seven Years' War The Seven Years' War Project


  • Williamstown Historical Museum Presents: 1746 Attack on Fort Massachusetts, with Dusty Griffin Produced: 11/26/14 by Rita Watson / Williamstown Historical Museum

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