UU Squares

Half of you are X’s half are O’s. You may answer as a team, ask your tablemates. One person may speak.

Please answer the following:

Where did Unitarian Universalism first get its start?

United States



What is the creed of UU’s?

The principles and purposes

We believe anyone can believe what they choose

We don’t subscribe to a creed.

Who is the President of the Board of this congregation?

Tom Howard

Vanessa Southern

Carolyn Lockwood

How many of these women were UU’s?

Louisa May Alcott (wrote Little Women)

Susan B. Anthony (famous in the women’s suffrage movement)

Clara Barton (founder of the American Red Cross)

All of them

What year was this congregation founded?



Where did the first and only UU miracle occur?

New Jersey

New York


What does the acronym OWL stand for?

Our Whole Lives

Our Wonderful World

Only When We Love

Name a symbol of UU

A Peace sign

A Rainbow

A flaming Chalice

Before 1959 there were Unitarians and Universalists, two separate religious organizations. Unitarians believed:

There was only one God

The idea of the trinity meaning three manifestations of as God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit was absolute truth.

All people should decide this for themselves

Universalists believed:

We are all God’s creatures

Each person has a soul

If you live by practicing the “golden rule” each person has the right to eternal salvation or entering heaven.

Last question is:

What do the letters UUA stand for?

1. Unitarian Universalist Association

2. Unitarian Universalist Army

3. Unitarian Universalist Academy