true or false

Indicate your response to the following by standing at agree/disagree/don’t know

  1. Do you believe that religion is something we are born with?

  2. Or learned?

  1. Do you believe ethics and morality (knowing what’s right and wrong and if some things are always right or always wrong) is something you’re born with?

  2. Or learned?

  1. Do you believe that all societies need to have rules with which to live by?

  1. Do you believe these rules should apply to everyone?

  1. Do you agree/disagree or don’t know if the following statement: All suffering is caused by selfish desires, or by not getting what you wanted, losing what you love, being away from what you love.

  1. Evil is real, good will win out in the end.

  1. There is truth and wisdom to be learned from nature.

Last statement:

  1. Theodore Parker wrote “the kingdom and the power and the glory lie within the human heart.” Do you agree/disagree/don’t know