no bullying part 1

Lesson on Self-Esteem for PreK Children

Susan Ryan Freudenthal January 2003

This is the first in a four part series of lessons designed to

  • build self-esteem

  • recognize emotions (particularly anger)

  • teach techniques for handling anger

  • elicit empathy towards others

Goals of this lesson

  • To enable the children to begin to identify what is special/unique about themselves

  • To affirm that every individual is “wonderful” in some way

  • To recognize that people dislike some things about themselves


  • Paper Star template/ 6”x6”

  • Chalice and matches

  • Arthur’s Nose (story book)

  • Markers, crayons, yarn, glue, construction paper, a variety of magazines with pictures, scissors

  • Poster paper

Lesson Plan

Welcome and introduce yourselves, ask the children their names.

Light Chalice: “This is the place of the open mind, this is the place of the loving heart, and this is the place of the helping hands.”

Read Arthur’s Nose, (from the Arthur’s Books series)

Ask the following questions or ask your own questions. The point is we are all unique wonderful people and we treasure who we are.

  • What is special about you?

  • What is different?

  • Is there anything you like the best about yourself?

Movement: Me or Not Me? Activity: tell the children you are going to ask them questions about them. Stand if it is true about you and sit if it is not.

  • Do you have a nose?

  • Do you have a sister? More than one sister?

  • Do you have any brothers?

  • Are you the only child in your family?

  • Do you have a birthday?

  • Do you like to swim or splash? Take a bath?

  • Do you eat Brussels sprouts?

  • Do you love you family?

  • Do you know how wonderful each one of us is? (Everyone should be standing)

Art Project: We Are All Stars

  • Make star template (6”x6”)

  • Ask the children to draw a picture of themselves and have pictures available to cut out as representations of things they like, what is important to them use your imagination!

  • Scribe for them or if they can write for themselves one or two things they like about themselves. What don’t they like about themselves?

  • Decorate the stars and use ribbon.

  • Collect if possible for a group poster of stars.

Closing: We are unique people with our own gifts, talents and faults. We are each wonderful because we are us.