Touchstone Ceremony

Susan Ryan Freudenthal, DRE

The following ceremony was used during an RE Sunday Service to celebrate “moving up” to middle school. Parents were notified ahead of time and were asked to confirm their family’s presence at the Service.

Today we acknowledge a special passage of time. There are milestones, to be sure, in all our lives. The change from child to young adolescence is often not a smooth one. As we grow, our bodies change. Our way of being in the world is challenged. Our relationships with family and friends are sometimes strained as we move toward independence and adulthood.

We in your spiritual community, wish to give you a something tangible besides advice, for this time in your lives. Something you may hold on to as an anchor. There will be times ahead when being in your own skin doesn’t feel right. There will be times when who you are and who you are to become will be questioned. Know that when you are here you are valued. Here with us, you are safe and loved for your genuine self. Please hold on to this gift, for it is a touchstone. A touchstone to help you to remember who you are deep with in your heart. A touchstone to remind you of a community that cares for you just as you are, your genuine self.

(The children are called forward in the Sanctuary by name. They each receive a small bag containing a polished heart shaped stone.)