Beans with hazelnut and orange

Ingredients for Beans with hazelnuts and orange (serves 12)

  • 1 pound green beans

  • 1/2 pound sugar snap

  • 1/2 pound snow peas

  • 70 grams (about 1/4 cup) skinned hazelnuts

  • 1 orange: rind zested; fruit diced into 1cm pieces

  • 1 garlic clove, minced

  • 3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

  • 3 tbsp + 1 pinch coarse salt

Directions for beans with hazelnuts and orange

  1. In a large stockpot, fill 1/2 to 3/4 of the way with water. Add 3 tbsp of coarse salt to the water, bring to a boil.

  2. Prepare a large bowl as an ice bath, set aside. Blanch a small batch of green beans in boiling water for 4 minutes. The beans will need space to preserve their bright green color. After 4 minutes, remove beans from boiling with slotted spoon and plunge into the ice bath for 30-60 seconds. Drain into a colander. Pat dry.

  3. Repeat step 2 for snap and snow peas, but only blanch for 1 minute vs. 4 minutes.

  4. In a large bowl, place the dried, blanched beans and peas. Add zest of one orange, hazelnuts, minced garlic, olive oil, and a pinch of salt. Gently toss to coat beans/peas with oil. Add diced orange (fruit) as a garnish. Serve at room temperature.