Portrait by Simon Marsden

From the Photograph Library of Famed Visionary Photographer Simon Marsden                         

"I believe that another dimension, a spirit world, runs parallel to our own so-called 'real' world, and that sometimes, when the conditions are right, we can see into and become part of this supernatural domain
."  - Simon Marsden
This striking photograph of Fellowship of Isis co-founders Olivia Robertson and her brother Lawrence Durdin-Robertson was taken by the famous and gifted photographer Simon Marsden.  He is known worldwide for his unique ability to capture a magical quality in his subject, whether it be human or animal, landscape or architectural.  The photograph is titled in the Marsden Archives as: "Olivia and Lawrence Durdin-Robertson, Huntington Castle, County Carlow, Ireland". We are very honored to feature this beautiful portrait on the Circle of Isis website!
They are shown standing in front of the High Altar of the Temple of Isis shrines at Clonegal Castle, Ireland, their ancestral home. The main image on the altar was carved by David Durdin-Robertson, depicting Isis of Ten Thousand Names.  She bears a vessel filled with water on her head in her role as Goddess of the Aquarian Age. This altar is situated in the main area of the temple sanctuary. It is the central focus of ceremonial activity within the Temple of Isis at Clonegal Castle.

Photo Copyright: The Marsden Archive www.marsdenarchive.com All inquiries from other agencies to reproduce the picture must be referred to Simon Marsden/Marsden Archive. Permission to reproduce this photograph on the Fellowship of Isis Central Website has been personally granted by the photographer Simon Marsden. It is reproduced here from a high resolution scan provided by the photographer, Simon Marsden. Quote above from the introduction to the website of Simon Marsden: http://www.simonmarsden.co.uk/intro.htm

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