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Spring 2024 Fundraiser

April 16, 2024

Our Annual Spring  Fundraiser was a success this year.  We returned to the Triple Crown Country Club for our worthwhile event. We promoted "Wood Hudson Cancer Research Laboratory" as our benefactor of our Cancer Fundraiser.   Dr. Julia Carter with "Wood Hudson",which is a member of the Association of Independent Research Institutions  in Newport , KY, was our guest speaker.  

GFWC Awards and News

March  2024

President Sharon Price returned from the Kentucky State GFWC Convention this past week.  Our Club received Second Place Award for Communication and PR.  FWC got First Place in Advocates for Children Junior Special Programs.  There was a Creativity Award given to us for Memberships.  Sharon served as Governor of Clubs District 5 and 6 in 2022 to 2024.  She won the Outstanding Governor Award as well.  

December 19, 2023

We had a wonderful Christmas luncheon at the Triple Crown Country Club on December 19, 2023.  We had a friendly meeting, enjoyed lunch, and even sang Christmas Carols in a "Holiday Sing Along" led by Sue Kozlowski.  

April 18, 2023

Springtime brings in our Annual Fundraiser. This year we returned to the Triple Crown Country Club for our worthwhile event. We promoted "I Have Wings"  as our benefactor of our Cancer Fundraiser.  Janet Chambers with "I Have Wings" which is a local organization to support cancer survivors, was our guest speaker.  We had live and silent auction items, Heads and Tails, and more.  

November 2023

Boone County Historical Society

Latest Newsletter
by Stephen Conrad / Betsy Conrad

Read about the Boone County area. This is a review from the Historical Society, developed by Betsy and Stephen Conrad. We remember Betsy as past President and leader of the FWC.  

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April 19, 2022

We had over 90 attendees at our Annual Fundraiser held at the Triple Crown Country Club this year. Our benefit was primarily for the Make-A-Wish Foundation who create life changing wishes for children with critical illness including cancer. Cancer Survivor Steve Del Gardo shared a fascinating saga about his bout with breast cancer. One of our special guests was President Teresa Schmidt with the Kentucky General Federation of Woman's Clubs. We offered many silent auction as well as live auction items. And our Bing Table was a hit along with our many door prizes. We thank our members and guests who made this a wonderful event! 

December 21, 2021

Our Annual Christmas Luncheon was held at the Triple Crown Country Club.  Around twenty-five members and guests attended our festive event.  The Hills of Kentucky Dulcimers provided a festive arrangement of Christmas music plus other hints. 

September 21, 2021

A wonderful day for the Florence Woman’s Club at our annual cancer benefit luncheon! This year we are supporting The Dragonfly Foundation. We appreciate all of our guests, donors, attendees, sponsors, and members for making this an amazing afternoon!

November 2021

FWC’s Vice President Joyce Foley displays her Veteran's Day "Veteran Quilt Donation". Joyce has made numerous quilts during her membership with the FWC and received many accolades for her fine work. 

April 28, 2021

The FWC donated over 100 paperback books to the Boone County Jail as one of our community literacy projects. 

April 20, 2021

GFWCKY President Teresa Schmidt with this year’s Outstanding Club Woman of the Year recipient, Florence Woman’s Club Vice President,  Joyce Foley! Congratulations Joyce!! 

April 16th, 2019  

American Cancer Society Fundraiser. We had almost 100 folks attend the Luncheon at Triple Crown Country Club. Our guest speaker from the St Elizabeth Hospitals was Cathy Youtsey-Halloran. She shared stories about her "Chicks and Chucks" Organization to help support Cancer Survivors. Rev. Kathleen Daniels gave our Invocation. We had silent auction items, an interactive live auction, and a "bling" table of jewelry for sale.   Our yummy Lunch was  prepared by the TCCC. 

Christmas Celebration at the Triple Crown Country Club

December 18, 2018

Our Christmas Luncheon was held on Tuesday, December 18th, 11:30 am at the Triple Crown Country Club, Union, KY.  Gary Greiser was our singer and entertainment this year!  

Boone County Historical Society

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Read about the history we have in the Boone County Area. The Florence Woman's Club help make this a reality. Betsy Conrad is President.

FWC Springtime In Kentucky Luncheon

April 18, 2017

Our Florence Woman’s Club held our Annual Spring Luncheon, once again benefiting the American Cancer Society. Over 120 persons attended this festive event at the lovely Triple Crown Country Club. 

Katherine Nero from WCPO TV was our emcee and gave a meaningful talk about her own experience overcoming cancer and what it meant to her. 

Matthew Schuhmann, the American Cancer Society's Development Manager also gave a meaningful salute to the FWC and the great work done by our Club.

Florence Woman's Club 2016 Spring Luncheon Benefit

March 15, 2016

We had our Spring Fundraiser helping the American Cancer Society at the Triple Crown Country Club in Union, KY.  It took place on a beautiful Spring-like Tuesday, March 15, 2016.  We had approximately ninety members and guests for our event. The room radiated of Spring, friendship and getting together for a good cause....helping support the American Cancer Society. Silent auctions, live auctions, a wonderful lunch and presentations by Heather Shaw and John Mays from the American Cancer Society made our afternoon a wonderful success.

2015 Holiday Celebration

December 15, 2015

For  celebrating Holiday and Christmas cheer, we shared a fantastic lunch at the Triple Crown Country on Tuesday, December 15, 2015.  Our get together was attended by almost 30 of our members.  Gary Griesser, Motivaional Speaker, shared Christmas stories and sang while we shared lunch.

Dinsmore Homestead Events

"Gala Fund Raiser"

October 9, 2015

The Dinsmore Homestead had their annual "Gala Fundraiser" at the Airport Marriott Hotel on Friday, October 9th, 2015 starting at 6:00 PM until 9:30 PM.  Many or our FWC members and other friends of Dinsmore had a great time!  We listened to the music of "Velvet Soul" and experienced a wonderful dinner.   A great "silent auction' accompanied the event. There was also a tribute given to Judge Bruce Ferguson and his family for his considerations to the Dinsmore Homestead.

"Derby Party Fund Raiser"

Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Dinsmore Homestead hosted from 4:00 to 7:00 pm a Derby Party for attendees  who were interested in watching the Derby Festivities and enjoying one another's company.  Our Florence Woman's Club was well represented for this event.  We enjoyed the Rick Nye Group playing songs including of course "My Old Kentucky Home". 

Florence Woman's Club 

2015 Spring Luncheon 


March 19, 2015

The Florence Woman's Club hosted our Spring Luncheon benefiting the American Cancer Society. We enjoyed a fabulous lunch, friendship and had a "silent auction" at the Triple Crown Country Club.  Ashley Clos, Executive Director, shared information with us about the American Cancer Society. Music was provided by Dana and Hank Gruber.

Holiday Celebration at the Triple Crown Country Club

December 16, 2014

For  celebrating Holiday and Christmas cheer we shared a fantastic lunch at the Triple Crown Country on Tuesday, December 16, 2014.  Our get together was attended by over 25 of our members.  Jim Burcham played his guitar as we had lunch and remembered all the events and good times from 2014 with our club.

60th Anniversary Celebration Luncheon Benefit

October 28, 2014

We had our 60th Anniversary party. The party was held on October 28, 2014, at the Gathering House in the beautiful woods and meadows of Florence Nature Park. A number of guests were present, and several plan to join Florence Woman’s Club at our November meeting. The Honorable Bruce Ferguson, former Boone County (KY) Judge/Executive, presented a fascinating summary of Boone County’s rich history at our meeting in the Gathering House. Kentucky Senator John Schickel presented us with a Senate citation honoring the Club for achieving 60 years of community service. Florence Vice Mayor Dr. Julie Metzger-Aubuchon presented our club with a document proclaiming Florence Woman’s Club Day in the City of Florence. 

“Enough is Enough” Founder speaks to 

Florence Woman’s Club 

September 16, 2014

The members of the Florence Woman’s Club welcomed their dear friend and former Club President (1996-98) Sarah Blanken Kahmann as guest speaker at the September 16th meeting. Mrs. Kahman, who served as Chair of the Kentucky Commission on Women, spoke about living a purposeful life as she recalled her own fascinating experiences. Sarah was one of the founders of “Enough is Enough,” an organization committed to keeping children and families safe from internet pornography. Pictured is Sarah Kahmann and Betsy Conrad

March 18, 2014

Florence Woman's Club 2014 Spring Luncheon Benefit

We had our annual SPRING Fundraiser, at Triple Crown Country Club, Richwood, KY on March 18, 2014. This event was for the benefit of the American Cancer Society, which is celebrating their 100th Birthday!  We had silent auction items, a "bling" table of jewelry for sale, and more!  Our special guest was Mary Beth Hall, author of "Lessons From A Bald Chick" who did a "book signing".


The Second Annual Boone County Farm Tour.  


June 29, 2013

We participated in the second year of the farm tour which was sponsored by the Boone Kenton Conservation District.  One of the benefits was for kids to learn where food actually comes from.  Thanks to Joyce Foley for her help with this tour.

The locations included:

* Broken M Farm  * Historic Dinsmore Homestead   * Eagle Bend Alpaca Farm  * Jane's Saddlebag  * Kinman Farms  * Verona Vineyards, LLC  * Wheelrim Alpaca  * Thistlehair Farm   * Potter's Ranch  * Benton Farm Scott   * Farms Barker's * Blackberry Hill Winery  * Boone County Farmer's Market


Taste the Night Away

October 12, 2012


Ready to "set sail" on an "Around the World" Wine Cruise with Culinary Delights including Music and a Silent Auction?  The Florence Woman's Club boarded on Friday evening, October 12, 2012 at the Triple Crown Country Club, Union , KY.  We had a silent auction and MORE!  Our event was held  primarily to benefit the Northern Kentucky Women's Crisis Center.  (This is one of our two large fundraising events held each year.) 


Our Cruise Ship

We had vocals and music by Tony Rossini and Kyle Ryan.  Both are local, well-known entertainers. Tony did a wonderful tribute to Neil Diamond and Kyle a tribute to Elvis. Thanks for joining us!          


Florence Woman's Club 2012 Spring Benefit Luncheon

March 20, 2012

The Florence Woman's Club hosted its annual Spring Luncheon and Silent Auction for the primary benefit of the American Cancer Society on Tuesday, March 20, 2012 at the Triple Crown Country Club, Union, Kentucky, at noon.