What is FIRST LEGO League(FLL)?

FLL is a robotics program for ages 9-14 designed so kids can explore and get involved in S.T.E.M. Science-Technology-Engineering-Math!

Time commitment for FLL: We suggest Teams meet 2 days per week; 2-3 hours per meeting. Total of about 4-5 hours per week, individual teams can decide what works best for their group.

There are 3 main parts to FLL:

Robot Game

Design, build and program an autonomous Robot(using LEGO Mindstorms) to complete several missions for points, on a playing field built with Legos. Teams then compete in three 2.5 minute rounds to see how their robot performs.

New Challenges are released each year on August 1st. Teams will then have about 13 weeks to build their robot and program it to attempt the specific tasks for the current challenge (ex. move items to a specific location; retrieve items and bring back to base; push lever to adjust/set-off/move a mission model on the playing field).

The robot is programmed with a computer and EV3-G LEGO Mindstorms software using a drop and drag series of blocks that will tell the robot what to do (ex. move forward, backward, turn etc.)


Create an innovative solution to a themed real world problem, then make a presentation(skit, powerpoint etc.) to share your idea with the judges.

In August each year FIRST releases a new challenge for FIRST LEGO League. This challenge is a based on a real-world problem and encourages kids to come up with creative solutions to help solve the problem.

Once the challenge is released, teams start brainstorming and researching, then identify the specific problem and try to come up with an innovative solution.

Teams will try to connect with experts in the field who are connected to the problem/solution they are working on to get their opinions and insight to help guide them. They also need to share their project with those who could be affected/helped by their idea.

When they have decided on their specific problem & solution, they will need to create a presentation to share their project with the judges.

Core Values

The FLL Core Values are the cornerstones of the FLL program. Kids learn that friendly competition and mutual gain are not separate goals, and that helping one another is the foundation of teamwork.

  • Discovery: We explore new skills and ideas.
  • Innovation: We use creativity and persistence to solve problems.
  • Impact: We apply what we learn to improve our world.
  • Inclusion: We respect each other and embrace our differences.
  • Teamwork: We are stronger when we work together.
  • Fun: We enjoy and celebrate what we do!