Each year the Flatlands Ski Association awards 
the Judy Cup and the Dave Vannett Cup. 
Two special awards honoring two very dedicated racers.

                                                               Judy Cup Award 
The Judy Cup has been awarded at FSA Ski Week every year since 1990. It is presented to persons who have made exemplary contributions to FSA, demonstrating service and/or sportsmanship in the Flatlands’ tradition. The recipient is selected by the FSA Board. 
A member of the St. Louis Ski Club, Judy Nania was a true Flatlander, full of the racing spirit. She was a behind the scenes worker and promoter of the races. Oh, how she loved the races. Judy passed away on December 2, 1989 after a valiant battle with cancer.
Judy is not gone from the Flatlands. Her memory is preserved by a loving cup awarded each year to an outstanding individual who exhibits her drive and dedication. This beautiful trophy is provided each year by Judy’s husband, Vince Nania, of the St. Louis Ski Club.

Recipients of the Judy Cup Award to date are:
1990 – Ron and Rodger Alexander, Flint Hills
1991 – Judy Gonnerman, Columbia
1992 – Craig Henry, Oklahoma City
1993 – Loal Wilson, Wichita
1994 – Linda Evans, Columbia
1995 – Bill Gustafson, Cornhuskers
1996 – Joan Sneed, Oklahoma City
1997 – Anita Greiner, Tulsa
1998 – Nancy Myers, Wichita
1999 – Mary Carlson, Cornhuskers
2000 – George Prochaska, Topeka
2001 – Jan Quist, Oklahoma City
2002 – Emanuel Tidona, Kansas City
2003 – Janice Hiatt, Tulsa
2004 – Lisa Berke, Topeka
2005 – Bob Todd, Omaha
2006 – J.D. Fredrick, Wichita
2007 – Dave Dodson, Wichita
2008 – Dan Crawford, Kansas City
2009 – Steve Meyer, Cornhuskers
2010 – Penny Morgan, Topeka
2011 - Cecile Kellenbarger, Wichita
2012 - Bette & Charlie Wood, Oklahoma City
2013 - Kelley Phillips, Tulsa
2014 - Ron Lueck, Columbia & Phil Bintz, Omaha
2015 - Herb Schnoetzinger, Wichita
2016 - Bill Hayes, St. Louis
2017 - Ted Hischke, Topeka       

                                       Dave Vannett Trophy 

In 2006, the FSA Board of Directors established the "Race Directors Cup." Although there were no specific guidelines given at the time of its inception, it was intended for the current Race Directors each year to award the Cup to someone, group or FSA Club that had a significate achievement (other than fastest time or top finishers) at each year's FSA Race Week. Suggestions included: the Club with the fastest average time, highest average points per person, special race achievement, etc. Therefore, each year the Cup will always have a different story.   
In November 2006 the FSA community lost a very dear friend and long time FSA participant, Dave L. Vannett.  Dave was an expert skier in the OKC Ski Club and avid promoter of NASTAR and FSA race events. He was always interested in not only trying to better himself, but also instruct others that wanted to learn or just become better skiers.  The 2006-07 Race Committee and FSA Board of Directors agreed that a fitting and everlasting tribute to Dave would be to rename the "Race Directors Cup" to the "Dave Vannett - Race Directors Cup." 
The FSA Board approved the award and on Charlie Woods recommendation, left the criteria for the trophy with the FSA Race Director. At Heavenly, Charlie decided he wanted the trophy to symbolize Dave’s spirit for the sport in his unselfish nature of coaching, teaching, supporting and helping others advance in the sport. Charlie Wood chose David White, from the Kansas City Ski Club, whom he believed exemplified those virtues. Like Dave Vannett, David White is always promoting racing events and sharing his knowledge and love of racing or anyone that wants to learn or just become a better skier and or racer.

Recipients of the Dave Vannett - Race Directors Cup
2007 - David White, Kansas City Ski Club
2008 - Ted Hischke, Topeka Ski Club
2009 - Terry Porter, Topeka Ski Club
2010 - Patty Cason, Oklahoma City Ski Club
2011 - Wayne Simpson, Cornhuskers Ski Club
2012 - JD Fredrick, Wichita Ski Club
2013 - Columbia Ski Team
2014 - Justin Sanwick, Tulsa Ski Club
2015 - Columbia Ski Team
2016 - John Seiler, Tulsa & NSCF
2017 - Gene Elsberry, Tulsa