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The Flatland Races began March 21, 1965, in a gully in Crested Butte, born after two years of writing open challenges in various major ski publications.

The Kansas City Ski Club originated and hosted the first event. Omaha, Amarillo and Wichita Ski Club members joined in the first competition. Coors Brewing Company sponsored the first trophy, won by Kansas City.

Participation in the Flatland Ski Association races has grown from the original 40 racers in 1965 to one of the largest and oldest amateur alpine ski events in the United States. Since then, the annual races have provided hours of fun and recreational competition for thousands of flatland skiers.

The forerunners of the flatlands races were Olympians Dave Gorsuch, Renie Cox, and Linda Meyers. Dave and his wife moved to Vail with the race and he was a leading competitor for several years. Billy Kidd was also one of the early participants.

The Flatland Ski Association met annually through 1967 in Crested Butte. Vail hosted the races from 1968 through 1980. Now the races are held at various ski areas. The site of the races is determined through a competitive bidding process and is selected by Flatland Ski Association Board of Directors.

2019 - 2020 Board of Directors

President – Scott Branum, Kansas City

Vice President – Ryan Breding, Oklahoma City

Secretary – Candy Girth, St. Louis

Treasurer – Mary Herring, Kansas City

Activities Director - Teri Hammon, Omaha

Race Director – Penny Morgan, Topeka

Past President – Michael Messimore, Tulsa

Race Data Coordinator - Matt Knechtel

Website - Daphne Reitz, Kansas City

Club Race Chairs

Columbia - "Captain" Ron Lueck

Cornhusker - Hollis Anderson

Kansas City - Matt Knechtel

Oklahoma City - Kelli Kinnamon

Omaha - Phil Bintz

St. Louis - Joe Bauer

Topeka - Joni Thompson

Tulsa - Richard Watts

Wichita - Herb Schnoetzinger

Club FSA Representatives

Columbia - "Captain" Ron Lueck

Cornhusker - Steve Meyer

Kansas City - Kip Tevis

Oklahoma City - Gary Jones

Omaha - Teri Hammon

St. Louis - Cindy Girth

Topeka - Penny Morgan

Tulsa - Linda Stubbs

Wichita - Cindy Francisco

Officers are elected in January

Past Meetings

*2020 January Meeting Minutes will be posted soon

*2019 October Board Meeting Minutes

*2019 June Board Meeting Minutes

*2019 January 26 Board Meeting Minutes

*2019 January 23 Board Meeting Minutes

*2018 October Board Meeting Minutes

*2018 June Board Meeting Minutes

*2018 January 31 Board Meeting Minutes

*October 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

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