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2018 Snowmass - January 31 - Feb 4    
The Flatland Ski Association (FSA) is a regional nonprofit organization for ski/snowboard clubs in Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma. Our member clubs work together to promote amateur snow sports and host an annual ski/snowboard event.

The Flatland Ski Association membership consists of non-profit voluntary membership clubs in which snow skiing, in various forms, is a major activity. For more information about each member club, please visit the Member Clubs page.

News & Notes

*Sad news from the Tulsa Ski Club, Gene “Bad Dog” Elsberry moved on to the land of fresh powder and dreamy tree skiing Saturday.
Gene was the consummate Tulsa Ski Club member while serving repeated tours as a trip captain or running the club as president. He loved life, he loved his family and he truly made a difference in everyone’s life who knew him. He had a passion for adventure, the outdoors, his family and life itself.
The Flatland Ski Association honored him with the 2017 Dave Vannett Trophy (The Race Directors Cup) for significant achievement at the Flatlands Ski Association Race Week.
Does anyone not remember him not leading the Flatlands Trip or leading the “Howdy, Howdy, Lets Get Rowdy?"

Services Saturday, July 22nd, at 10 AM.
St John’s Episcopal Church
4100 S. Atlanta Pl., Tulsa, OK

Followed by a Celebration of Gene’s Life Akdar Shriners, 2808 S. Sheridan Road -  3:00 p.m.
Let us raise them up and toast the Bad Dog. Howdy, Howdy, Lets Get Rowdy!

A wrap up letter from the FSA President. 

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