Meeting Notes

September 26, 2023

Meeting started at 7pm by Meg Murray

Delegate Robbyn Lewis is here

Melanie is Del. Lewis’ staffer, you can contact her with constituent requests 

You can reach Delegate Lewis at and 410-841-3772

Responding to constituents is super important 

District 46 contains almost 40 neighborhoods — includes all the neighborhoods that surround the harbor

Upcoming legislative session: 

Del. Lewis has her masters in Public Health

Spent over 20 years working all over the world in projects to prevent infectious disease like malaria and tuberculosis 

Focuses on health policy

Works to improve public health through transportation, environment because those are also public health issues  

Working hard this year to pass bills that didn’t pass last year: 

Del. Lewis Questions: 

Paula asked Del. Lewis to please also consider behavioral health in her work 

The MD Legislature passed a bill to study how these services are covered and how we can improve; how we can increase the numbers of mental healthcare workers; a commission was established. This is a process that looks like the education Kiriwan Commission so we should have recommendations within a few years. We funded the results of the Kiriwan Commission at $6 billion. 

Edward asked about the government shutdown. 

Councilman Costello is here

Redistricting — needs to happen every 10 years, so we are in that process now 

Traffic calming — working with DOT to get a four-way stop at East Fort and Battery, top of the priority list for traffic calming in 11th 

Mayor’s Office 

Ondoria Harmon, Senior Advisor to Mayor for Older Adults      


Upcoming FHSNA schedule for October/November 

October 2023

Sunday, October 8: Pumpkin Decorating Festival @ St Ignatius 1pm - 5pm

Wednesday, October 18: FHSNA Monthly Happy Hour @ CSM 5:30pm - 8pm

No October Community Meeting -- HALLOWEEN

November 2023

Saturday, November 4: Community Dumpster Day 8am - 12pm 

Wednesday, November 15: FHSNA Monthly Happy Hour @ CSM 5:30pm - 8pm

Tuesday, November 28: FHSNA General Community Meeting (hybrid) 7pm- 8pm

Baltimore’s Climate Action Plan will set the course to meet the ambitious and critical goal for a 60% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 (over 2007) and become carbon neutral by 2045, making the City a more resilient, healthier, safer place.

Two ways to get involved:

Environmental Resource Access Survey

survey link is as follows:

South Baltimore Community Land Trust 

Reset standards for renewable portfolio standards — sets standards for renewable energy — eliminate trash incineration 

Trash incineration was ranked as a tier 1 “renewable resource” 

This bill would just remove incineration from happening, just not benefit as a tier 1 resource 

Meeting adjourned at 7:52pm EST