A Brief History

The Federal Hill South Neighborhood Association (FHSNA) is a local unincorporated organization under Maryland law. A non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, FHSNA was created to promote and protect the common interests of the residents and property owners in the Federal Hill South community. FHSNA serves the neighborhood bounded by Light Street, Cross Street, Covington Street and Fort Avenue.

FHSNA was formed in 1993 by concerned members of the community who had a common goal of bettering their neighborhood and addressing concerns together. It was formed as a very loose association and became more organized in 1999, when the group revised its bylaws and began collecting dues from members. All of the efforts of FHSNA are implemented through grants, membership dues collections, fundraising events, and the hard work of many volunteers. FHSNA's activities are coordinated by a Board of Directors, and does not have any paid staff.

As stated in our Articles of Association, FHSNA's primary purposes are:

    • To preserve and enhance the quality of life of neighborhood residents
    • To promote community safety
    • To promote and facilitate the responsibility of residents in the upkeep of the neighborhood
    • To educate residents about services, programs, or opportunities that can improve their lives and the health of the community
    • To deter juvenile delinquency and promote creative and educational achievement among the youth of the community
    • To promote cooperation and coordination among community organizations, and between community organizations and individuals, government agencies, and the business community, in meeting the needs of residents for community services and facilities.

FHSNA utilizes standing committees, comprised of neighbor volunteers, to achieve these goals.