Frank Gounelas

Since April 2018 I have been a postdoc in algebraic geometry at the Technical University of Munich, working with Christian Liedtke. Before that I spent time at Humboldt in Berlin, and at the University of Heidelberg, following my doctoral work at the University of Oxford. Here's a copy of my Curriculum vitae, and a link to my professional website. To contact me use

Academic Interests: I am interested in algebraic geometry, in particular rationally connected varieties, K3 surfaces, positivity of bundles and cycles, birational geometry and questions in positive characteristic.

Research Papers

  1. (with X. Chen, C. Liedtke) Curves on K3 surfaces: arxiv, 2019.
  2. (with X. Chen, C. Liedtke) Rational curves on lattice-polarised K3 surfaces: arxiv, 2019.
  3. (with O. Bergvall) Cohomology of moduli spaces of Del Pezzo surfaces: arxiv, 2019.
  4. (with J.C. Ottem) Remarks on the positivity of the cotangent bundle of a K3 surface: arxiv, 2018.
  5. (with A. Kouvidakis) Measures of irrationality of the Fano surface of a cubic threefold: arXiv, Transactions of the AMS, 371 (2019), no. 10.
  6. (with A. Javanpeykar) Invariants of Fano varieties in families: arXiv, Moscow Mathematical Journal (2018, Volume 18, Issue 2).
  7. Free Curves on Varieties arXiv, Documenta Mathematica (2016 vol. 21).
  8. The first cohomology of separably rationally connected varieties arXiv, Comptes Rendus Mathematique (2014, Vol 352, Issue 11).

Various older theses/notes/talks I have written can be found in the Projects Section.