Federico L.G. Faroldi

Flanders Research Foundation (FWO)

 Centre of Logic and Philosophy of Science
University of Ghent


Editor of Normativity @ PhilPapers

My cv — my academia.edu

Starting in 2017/18, I was awarded a Flanders Research Foundation (FWO) grant. I am based at the Centre of Logic and Philosophy of Science of Ghent University (Belgium).

As of 2016/17, I was an adjunct professor (temporary lecturer) at the Department of Philosophy, University of Milan, where I taught topics in contemporary metaethics and metaphysics.

I got my PhD in logic and philosophy at the University of Florence and at the University of Pisa, in Italy, in 2017. My supervisor was Pierluigi Minari (Florence). My examiners were Sergei Artemov (CUNY), Ralf Bader (Oxford) and Sergio Bernini (Florence).
As of 2015/2016, I was visiting NYU and then Paris (IJN, ENS and EPHE), where I worked under the supervision of Kit Fine and Paul Egré (respectively). In Fall 2014 I visited the Arché Research Centre at the University of St Andrews, supervised by Justin Snedegar.

I got my MA and BA from the University of Pavia (Italy), as a fellow of Almo Collegio Borromeo, with a dissertation supervised by Amedeo Giovanni Conte (Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, Rome) and Sergio Filippo Magni (Pavia).

My research interests are in logic (esp. deontic and modal, algebraic semantics), metaphysics (hyperintensionality, supervenience), metaethics (reasons) and philosophy of law (responsibility). My current research is on a hyperintensional theory of normative phenomena, on identity and indiscernibility in higher-order languages, and on the scale of moral adjectives.

I've been a visiting graduate student in Oxford (TT 2015), at Arché, St. Andrews (UK), in Fall 2014, and at Trinity College, Dublin, from Sept 2012 to Feb 2013. I also was a visiting research student at NAU (USA), in 2010.

My Erdős number is 6. My Bacon number is 𝛚.