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New Member Guidelines

Fairoak Bowling Club was established in 1915 for the enjoyment of team, individual and social bowling. The club is organised by an annually elected committee to oversee the club’s bowling and social events, for the enjoyment of all members. See under CONTACTS tab for details of club officials.

2020 Matches Totals to follow Saturday League - Matches

Mid-Week League - Matches

Carruthers - Matches

Friendly - Matches

Total of matches plus internal competitions and friendly roll ups -

NEW MEMBERS there WILL be matches for you to play !!!!

Team Games

Team games are played on Wednesday at 1800 hours, and Saturdays at 1430 hours, unless otherwise stated on the fixture list. All team members should report to the team captain at the green at least fifteen minutes prior to the game start time. Assistance with setting up the green and tea tables at home games is much appreciated.

Availability sheets to be signed by all those able to play in team games are posted on club notice board and should be signed by 1600 hours on the Monday prior to the game. Selection Committee meets every Monday at 1800 hours to select that week’s Saturday team and the Wednesday team for the following week. The team selected will be posted on club notice board immediately after selection meeting, and players should confirm availability by signing selection sheet for Saturday by Friday noon and for Wednesday by 1800 hours on Monday prior to game.

Club Competitions

Details of club knockout cup competitions are posted on notice boards detailing opponents and date each round must be completed by. The first named player in each round is responsible for contacting his opponent to arrange match times, book a rink and organise a marker, and if there are any problems completing games by the due date a member of the competition committee should be informed.

Dress Code

Saturday team games whites i.e. White approved bowling trousers white dress shirt with club logo and bowlers name, club tie, approved bowling shoes white or brown.

Wednesday team games as above but with grey trousers

Club competitions are grey trousers, white shirt and approved bowling shoes.

Note club ties may be removed after trial ends are completed.


The game of bowls has a special etiquette which has enhanced its level of sportsmanship and it can be summarised by the following statements.

It is customary to shake hands with your opponent(s) and team members at the start and end of games.

It is customary not to disturb your opponent by neither act nor word.

It is customary to recognise good play by your opponent.

It is customary to be correctly dressed as per regulations.

Possession of the rink, Position of the players

These are two laws of the game which if followed enhance etiquette and allow the game to be played in the best manner.

(a) Possession of the rink.

A player or team has possession when the oppositions bowl has come to rest. When a player or team has possession the opposition must not be between the mat and the head.

(b) Position of the players

Players not bowling should be one metre (1mt) behind the mat or beyond the head and not disturb or distract other players.