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- Keith Wood.
Vice-presidents -  Reg Jones and Lyndon Horton
Chairman - Paul Dinnick 029 2076 2289

Hon: Treasurer - Keith Wood. 029 2115 0345

Hon: Secretary - Alex MacRae
Hon: Fixture Secretary - Alun Pryce. 029 2052 9303, mob: 07719 223892,

Tour Secretary - Peter Coles 029 20497932, mob: 07791679375,

Club Captain (2019) - David Wall 029 20641405
Club Vice-Captain (2019)- Thomas Wall  029 2058 339
Mid Week Captain (2019) - John Pearce. 029 2031 7513

Mid-week Vice- Captain (2019) - Tony Wall. 029 20641405


Club Coaches -  Phil Wall(Assistant)


Management Committee - The President & Officers, plus Messrs Phil Wall, Reg Jones, David Pickin, Alun Pryce and Lyndon Horton

Selection Committee - The Chairman, Team Captains & Messrs  Anthony Wall, Phil Wall and Keith Wood


Competitions Committee - Paul Dinnick, Alun Pryce 


Auditors - Paul Dinnick & Reg Jones

Ground and Facilities Committee - Chairman plus David Pickin, Peter Coles 




A Brief History of the Club

Fairoak Bowling Club has its home in the part of Roath Park historically known as the Pleasure Gardens but locally called the Flower Park. The Gardens were completed in April 1894 on land which was once part of Fairoak Farm. An ancient tree known as the “Fair Oak” (Y Dderwen deg), was located alongside the stream close to the junction of Fairoak Rd and Ty Draw Rd. It was believed to be about 500 years old in 1925 when sadly the tree died. It was cut down but  the lower trunk and some branches remained as a relic. There is now a plaque in its place showing its former location and can be seen from Ty Draw Rd.

We believe that one of our summer competitions is named in its honour, this being the Dderwen Deg. Entry into this is restricted to members who have not yet won any singles competitions.

A bowling green was first constructed by Cardiff Corporation and opened in the park in 1906. It proved to be so popular that a second green soon followed.  This was the first in Cardiff to use the ‘new’ Glasgow construction method of drainpipes, clinker, ash and sand but no soil. Fairoak Bowling Club was established there in 1915 and has used that green ever since, and plans are already being made for our Centenary celebrations in 2015.

More information on the history of Bowls can be found here at

When do we play ?

Matches are played on Saturday afternoons in the Cardiff & District League and Wednesday evenings for the Mid Week League.

Dress code:
Monday evening roll up - casual
Wednesday Mid Week League - Grey trousers and club shirt
Saturday Cardiff & District League - White trousers and club shirt.
Winter Months:
From October to the beginning of April we meet in the Cardiff (Sophia Gardens) Indoor Bowling Club.  Tuesday mornings 10.00 to 12.00 and Friday mornings 10.00 to 12.00
 Skittles  If you wish to join in we also have an active skittles group playing league matches throughout the winter months.