BY-LAWS 1997


(a)    It is the responsibility of the first names player/players in any round to seek and make arrangements for the playing of that round within the prescribed time limit.

(b)   It difficulties in arranging the playing of the round are encountered, the first named player/players must bring the problem to the attention of the Competition Committee. Failure to do so can result in the disqualification of either or both contestants. The Committee will decide on the appropriate action. 

(c)    All contestants have the right to appeal to the Club Management Committee, providing all avenues of negotiating have been exhausted. The Management Committee’s decision will be final. 


(a)    All members picked to play for any team to represent Fairoak Bowling Club must report to the relevant Captain fifteen (15) minutes prior to the advertised time of the match start. Failure to observe this time can and will mean a reserve player being invited to participate in the ensuring match. This agreement is mandatory to all Club Captains and must be observed. 

(b)   Club Captains only, can and will alter team sheets once a team has been selected and that team sheet has been displayed in the relevant display case. Incidents of others, other than a Captain, altering a team sheet/sheets may and can result in disciplinary proceedings by the Club’s Management Committee against the interfering party.

(c)    Vice-Captains are responsible, prior to a match, for the raising and lowering of the Club’s flag on appropriate occasions.


(a)    Complaints or disagreements must be made to either the Officers of the Club or a member of the Management Committee, who will bring the problem to the attention of the Committee as soon as possible.

(b)   Do not approach the Park Attendant with any complain/complaints; any such matter should be left to the committee.