For Educators

When this project began, there were three main goals that motivated the team during its production. The first goal was to preserve Frank's story for future generations; as is true for other survivors of genocide, the lessons that can be learned from the story of this young boy's experience under Nazi tyranny transcends decades and experiences.  The second goal was to create a meaningful learning experience for our students, best explained as "bringing the learning out of the textbook."  The final goal, which is now the driving force of this phase of the project, is to provide high school teachers and college/university professors with an effective resource to teach about the Holocaust in classrooms worldwide.

With this goal in mind, we'd like to direct you to a few important components of our page that are especially aimed at educators:

We would love to hear how you are sharing the film in your classroom.  Please feel free to e-mail us at or contact us via Facebook or Twitter to share!