Our 2016 conference is April 23-24 2016 at the University of Reading. 

Registration is now open.  For more details, see here: https://ratioconference.wordpress.com/

Stephen Stich (presenting) (Rutgers) & Wesley Buckwalter (CUNY)  'Gender and Philosophical Intuition: Why are there so few women in philosophy?'  by jamesinnottingham, on Flickr

Who we are

Experimental philosophy is a relatively recent, but rapidly expanding area of research. Experimental Philosophy Group UK provides a forum for UK-based researchers from all disciplines engaged in using experimental methods to investigate philosophical topics. Empirical evidence is relevant to many philosophical debates and experimental philosophers design and conduct experiments that address specific questions of philosophical significance.

The only criteria for membership are involvement in UK-based research and an interest in experimental philosophy. 

Anyone interested in joining the group or mailing list should contact experimentalphilosophyuk@gmail.com, or join our Facebook group.

Florian asks a question 2

What we do

We hold regular workshops in UK cities including Bristol, Nottingham, Sheffield, and Oxford.  We have held five workshops to date.  For further details, see our Past Events page.  Our keynote speakers have included Molly Crockett, Shen-yi Liao, Natalie Gold, James Moore, Regina Rini, Eric Schwitzgebel, Stephen Stich, Joshua Knobe, Simone Schnall, David Papineau, Paulo Sousa, Jessica Brown, Finn Spicer and Shaun Nichols.

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