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Second Workshop (Sheffield, Sept 2011)

This took place on 17-18th September 2011, in Sheffield, at the HRI, Gell Street.   

A full programme is available here and the abstracts can be viewed here.  The workshop was a two-day event with a concentration upon
(i) providing a platform for UK-based experimental philosophers, (ii) providing instruction in experimental methods and (iii) providing a forum for constructive discussion and collaboration to help and encourage new experimental work.

Keynote Speakers

  • Josh Knobe (Yale University)
In Search of the True Self
  • Paulo Sousa (QUB)

The Evaluative Nature of the Folk Concepts of Weakness and Strength of Will

Research Training Session

  • Kelly Schmidtke (Nottingham)


  • Florian Cova (presenting) (Geneva) & Maxime Louis Bertoux (ICM Epinière, CRICM-UPMC/INSERM, Groupe Hospitalier Pitié-Salpêtrière)
Judgments about moral responsibility and determinism in patients with behavioural variant of frontotemporal dementia: Still compatibilist
  • Ivar Hannikainen (presenting) (Sheffield) & Fiery Cushman (Harvard)*
Agent and Patient Simulation in Moral Judgement
  • Margaret Moore (presenting), Matthew Kieran & Aaron Meskin (Leeds)
'Bad Taste' in Empirical Aesthetics: Mere Exposure, Value and Expertise
  • Pendaran Roberts (presenting) & Kelly Schmidtke (Nottingham)
Color disagreement and the metaphysics of color: An empirical response to a recent argument

Discussion Topics and Other

  • Peter Caven (Sheffield) introducing:  Moral Dilemmas and Tragic Remorse
  • Guy Fletcher (Oxford) introducing:  When do we Disagree? 
  • Jon Webber (Cardiff) X-Phi Turbo on developing an experimental philosophy database

* cancelled

Workshop Organisers:  Robin Scaife (Sheffield), Bryony Pierce (Bristol), and James Andow (Nottingham)


This workshop was financially supported by a Mind Association Major Conference Grant