Camping Gear & Information

 The Boy Scout Handbook is a great place to start, besides that we have a few "Gear Lists" of our own.
You can print the attachments below. is a great place to find gear at discount prices, REI and L.L. Bean carry some good quality gear, just hunt down the sales.


Kittery Trading Post located in Kittery Maine (exit 2 of Rte. 95) is a favorite stop and probably better stocked than Cabela's.

Of Course we can't forget our friends at Eastern Mountain Sports and our local favorite Farr's Sporting Goods in Manchester.


Most stores offer discounted pricing For Boy Scouts, make sure you tell them you're a member of Boy Scouts, East Windsor Troop 89! 

Decent quality internal frame backpacks can be had via Amazon or eBay for approx. $60, 50 liter/ 3400 size works well for the camping we do. Check with Scoutmasters to make sure the brand you're looking at is going to work well. This one HERE is typically in the right price range and it's a good quality pack.

Keep in mind most all sleeping bag manufacturers overrate their bags, what they rate as a 20 degree bag is actually a 40 degree bag typically. Coleman does have fairly accurate ratings though. A Zero degree bag for winter typically cost approx $60 - $70, 40 degree bags for summer range approx $40 - $50

You'll want a decent ground pad beneath you, closed cell foam Military issue works well for approx $25 or you can spend more for some fancier ones or less if comfort isn't an issue. Air mattress types like this don't insulate well for cold weather but they sure are comfy in the right conditions.

Rain gear can be as simple as a rip-stop nylon poncho like THIS for approx $25 and they're fairly durable. Other less durable but still usable ponchos can be had for $10-$15 too.

A headlamp and flashlight for $15 that can't be beat for the money HERE

Since the Troop supplies all of the cooking utensils/ pots, pans, cook stoves needed for backpacking a simple mess kit that's easy to clean is what you should be looking for. THIS can be had for approx. $15 or you can improvise with Chinese food take out containers, Tupperware or other containers too. All that's needed is a plate, bowl spork and maybe a cup. A word of caution: Do NOT wash the Litemyfire Sporks in the dishawasher, they become brittle and break.

Please don't send your Scout camping with one of these they're impossible to clean and will likely get your Scout sick to his stomach.

Hydration bladders are great but you'll want one that's easy to keep clean. Top opening is what you're looking for. About $15 for THESE

Keep in mind you'll still need a cup or water bottle to put hot drinks like cocoa in.

If you think you're ready for Hammock camping I found THIS to be a pretty good setup for approx $65

If you don't have the gear, don't worry since most of us have extra gear to lend, then again you can always improvise. The important part is getting 'out there'!

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