Camping Gear & Information

 The Boy Scout Handbook is a great place to start, besides that we have a few "Gear Lists" of our own.
You can print the attachments below.
 According to The_Mountaineers any trip in the Great Outdoors should include the "10 Essentials"

1. Navigation (map and compass)
2. Sun protection
3. Insulation (extra clothing)
4. Illumination (flashlight/headlamp)
5. First-aid supplies
6. Fire
7. Repair kit and tools
8. Nutrition (extra food)
9. Hydration (extra water)
10. Emergency shelter is a great place to find gear at discount prices.


Kittery Trading Post located in Kittery Maine (exit 2 of Rte. 95) is a favorite stop and probably better stocked than Cabela's.

Of Course we can't forget our friends at Eastern Mountain Sports and our local favorite Farr's Sporting Goods in Manchester.


Most stores offer discounted pricing For Boy Scouts, make sure you tell them you're a member of Boy Scouts,

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