Welcome to the eVRS Project Beta

Please take a moment to review the beta testing process:
  • Use Evrs Menu >> Submit Bug Report to report bugs.
  • Please do NOT distribute any of the beta builds or download links you receive as part of the beta.
  • Please BACKUP your projects before updating to the latest beta. We cannot be responsible for data loss due to lack of a backup project.

Download the Latest Build

Data break ! Any Timeline prior to 0.9 will not load on 0.9+. Update Accordingly.

  • Timeline.1.1_Unity5.3.1_PM1.7.8.4.unitypackage   9292k - Feb 10, 2016, 4:59 AM by Xavier Martinez (v1)
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The testing Package can be downloaded at :


Timeline is a visual editor that runs on top of Playmaker for Unity3D.
It is the editor used to create experiments for the eVRS project.

Latest Features

  • New Keyboard shortcuts
  • All dll's are now in Release Mode, including External One's. Download Visual 2010 C++ Redistributable if You plan on Using VRPN or any other external dll.
  • Debug Option available


In order to start creating experiments you only need these 3 softwares :

You must have a working copy of Playmaker first. See http://hutonggames.com/.

  • Backup your project and Scenes.
  • Remove old Evrs Folder from your Project prior to importing the new one.
  • Download the Latest Package and Import it into Unity.

Usage Warning

  • Do not edit a Timeline In Playmaker, it will desynchronise and break. Use only the Timeline Editor.