Why have a reading?

Readings are very personal and can unravel hidden traits, blocks, strengths and more that can help you in your life. The path is not always easy and having a different perspective to guide and support you can relieve some of the uncertainty in moving forward.

I've been doing various readings for several years now and am expanding them into my online business.

Each reading is $60.00 and are available through email, phone or skype or zoom.

Card Reading

The card readings I do are to help you on your journey. They are not necessarily for future predictions, but more of a map to help you make choices leading to the life you desire. I use several sets of cards and you choose the deck.

Past Life Readings

Your past lives can hold you back in this and future lives if there are blocks in any area. A reading can help identify these blocks and give solutions to moving past them.

Face Readings

Your face is a map of your personality. A reading can identify aspects of strength and determine why you respond or react to certain situations in the way you do. Discover new aspects of the self.

Name Readings

Your name is more than just a name! It contains the very essence of you. Your habits, your strengths and generational programming are contained in the letters of your name.

Deep Cellular Reading

Release limiting subconscious beliefs.Once the beliefs are identified and brought into consciousness, the old belief is replaced by a new perspective and moves your vibration to a higher level which changes your result.

Each reading is $60.00 and are available through email, phone or Skype or Zoom.

How you enroll or Order Online Readings:

  1. Click on any to read about the readings that interest you.
  2. Decide which readings you want to take.
  3. Send an Email me at (expecttobeempowered at ) with the name of the workshop you'd like to take and any questions you have.
    1. I will send you an invoice once we have discussed dates.
    2. When you receive the invoice, e-transfer me the amount at the same email address
    3. Note: if you have any problems, I can be reached via email

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